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Kryehk Matoran
Element Water
Kanohi Kaukau
Kryehk Toa
Kanohi Kaukau
Tools Blade
Kryehk Turaga
Group Spherus Magna Council
Kanohi Kaukau
Tools Staff
Status Deceased
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation KRI-ek

Kryehk (formally stylized as Her Excellency, Senator Kryehk of Spherus Magna) was a Ga-Matoran which later became Toa of Water. She also held the title of leader of her Toa team. As a Turaga, she was a member of the Spherus Magna Council and leader of a village.



Kryehk was a student in the west region of the island of At-Norx controlled by Makuta Carya. On one occasion, the Ko-Matoran Koved was sent from the east by Makuta Pakark to present a new Rahi to Carya and then they both met. During the next months they met illegally until they were attacked by a Muaka and badly damaged.

Koved and Kryehk were sent together to Karzahni to be fixed, and then to Voya-Nui. Kryehk was present in Voya Nui when it broke away from the Southern Continent, and later on the land that fell off and formed Mahri-Nui.


Kryehk was a sentinel when the Ignika appeared. She was one of the first Matoran to find the mask. When she touched it, the algae around her came to life and tried to strangle her. Kryehk feared for the power of the mask and gave it to Koved. After the mask conflicts ended, Koved and Kryehk became Toa.

Spherus Magna

The Invasion

After Teridax's death, Kryehk migrated to Spherus Magna along with all inhabitants of the Matoran Universe to begin a new life. When the Chorak invaded, she organized recue efforts for all the inhabitants and guided them to a refuge.

Soon the Alpha Being Vavakx left the refuge while Vilrohk and Deriahk were looking for clues about the destined user of the legendary Kanohi Gebuk, Mask of Wishes. With the shelter defenseless, the Chorak attacked and injured the Agori Gryk. Kryehk escaped with the others and then the security mechanism of the refuge activated, which caused an explosion and destroyed the entire area.

After witnessing how Kapokhed assumed his destiny as the user of the Kanohi Gebuk, Kryehk and the group of refugees went to the Spherus Magna Council Headquarters in Metru Magna to rescue Vavakx, who had been captured by the Chorak in his absence.

After fighting for a while, Hantrek appeared before the refugees disguised as Vavakx and ordered them to assassinate the Chorak King while she and Deriahk dealt with other matters. Kryehk went with the others to the main hall and found there the real Vavakx fighting against the Chorak King. There they realized that they had been deceived and that Deriahk was in trouble.

Kryehk escaped along with the others when the building's self-destruct system was activated, aided by the Chorak. On the outskirts of Headquarters they met again wich Vavakx and Deriahk, who had managed to escape a few seconds before the explosion. When they confirmed that Hantrek had died, Kapokhed began to manifest the power of Kanohi Gebuk to ensure an era of 1000 years of peace for the survivors. However, Hantrek had not died in the blast and killed Kapokhed in front of everyone.

To revive Kapokhed and fulfill the desire, Kryehk sacrificed her Toa power, becoming Turaga, and the Mask of Desires reactivated, ending with Hantrek in the process. Then Pakark betrayed the others, stealing the Mask of Wishes and ensuring that he had great plans for it.

Finally, Kryehk and Kapokhed returned to the ruins of the Refuge to reanimate Koved, who had been petrified.

When Turaga Weduk died, 500 years after the events in The Invasion, Kryehk assumed his post in the Spherus Magna Council and also became the leader of a village near Metru Magna.


After another 500 years, a strange series of murders began in the village, provoked by Pakark, who was experimenting to reactivate the Mask of Wishes and wish for the destruction of the world.

The Makuta decided that Kryehk, who had given her Toa power to resurrect Kapokhed at the end of the Invasion, was the perfect sacrifice to give the mask enough power and fulfill his wish, and kidnapped her. The Makuta then assumed the form and place of Kryehk as leader of her village over the next few months, manipulating everyone around him in his quest for the legendary Keys of Defunction. After obtaining them, Pakark took Kryehk to Metru Magna, where he sacrificed her to execute the final phase of its plan.

After sacrificing her, however, Pakark's plan failed because of the efforts of the Alpha Being Veuy.

Abilities and Traits

Kryehk was endowed with a great capacity to figure out the needs of others. Although she appeared mature and self-reliant, a hidden side of her personality demanded love and protection. Likewise, she was extremely sensitive in terms of her popularity, public exposure, and what others thought of her. Kryehk was generous in making judgments about others.

As a Toa of Water, Kryehk could create, control and absorb water. These powers diminished when she became Turaga.

Mask and Tools

Kryehk wore a Kanohi Kaukau, a Mask of Water Breathing, which allowed her to breathe underwater.

As a Matoran, Kryehk used Electro-Blades in Mahri-Nui, which could release an electric shock. When transformed into Toa, these blades joined into an Electro-Sword. Upon becoming Turaga, the Electro-Sword became a staff.

As a Toa, she also wore a jetpack on her back, which allowed her to fly short distances.


  • Kryehk was originally planned to be the canon Mahri-Nui Matoran "Kyrehx", but Diebeq5b made a typo on the name and it was too late to correct it.

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