Location : Gahru Nui
Allies : N/A
Enemies : Makuta, Black Assasins
Color(s) : Most colors associated with their element
Goal(s) : Guard the Kanohi Agnoka
Leader(s) : unknown Great Being; Tiekess
Tool(s) : Kanohi; various weapons
Status : inactive
Pronunciation : KOO-eye

Kuai are intelligent four-armed beings created by a Great Being to guard the Kanohi Agnoka and keep the Makuta and the Black Assasins from getting it.

In their community, they have very strict laws. If a Kuai attempted to take the Kanohi Agnoka for himself, other Kuai have the permission and responsibility to kill the rebel Kuai.

Kuai have elemental powers, and known Kuai have had these elements:

  • Air
  • Sonics
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Magnetism
  • Gravity
  • Lightning

Known Kuai

  • Tetran, a Kuai of Sonics that aided the Toa Avohkii
  • Mekinru, a Kuai of Air that told the Toa Avohkii about the Agnoka, and was killed by a Makuta
  • Ruakai, a Kuai of Fire that was Mekinru's friend
  • Lihujen, a Kuai of Gravity that was Mekinru's friend
  • Triando, a Kuai of Lightning that was Mekinru's friend
  • Cerysk, a Kuai of Magnetism that attempted to steal the Agnoka and was drained of his

element by the Kanohi

  • Vertiwen, the Kuai Judge
  • A Kuai of Earth that tried to take the Agnoka the Tetran killed

Abilities and Traits

All known Kuai are male. They are very strong and agile. They also have non-elemental light powers, and are immune to shadow and shadow leeches.

Some Kuai have been known to drain shadow, and turn shadow leeches into light leeches.

Each Kuai has an element, and have powers associated with their element. The have the ability to wear and use Kanohi.

Guardians of the Kanohi Agnoka
Leader: Tiekess

Tetran  • Kohhreh  • Piroc  • Lihujen  • Ruakai  • TriandoOther Kuai

Former Members

Mekinru (deceased)  • Cerysk  • A Kuai of Earth (desceased)


Toa Avohkii Lekama  • Lumaru


Cortrivu  • Venetraze  • Taatoh  • Zika  • Klaulet  • Skedge  • Vulta

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