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Hello and welcome to Kuakuuhu's Snack Shack. What would you like today?
MNOG Kuakuuhu
GroupTukei and Mavo's Army
KanohiBlue Kaukau
Colorsblue; green
OccupationTukei and Mavo's Army member
Locationnot yet revealed

Kuakuuhu was a Matoran of Cahlra Nui that went to another island on a passenger boat along with many other Matoran.

She was recruited for Tukei and Mavo's Army, and she got a katana.


Kuakuuhu in comic form with her katana.

When Theobroma was setting out poisonous Bohrokshi bait, Kuakuuhu and Akakuna were chosen as partners and the set off along the edge of the forest. Kuakuuhu thought she saw Bohrokshi footprints, and they decided to follow them. They came to a clearing in the forest, were Kuakuuhu saw something lurking under a bush.
Matoran warriors

Kuakuuhu surprising the Matoran Warriors.

Thinking it was a Bohrokshi, she waved her katana at it, missing terribly. It startled four Matoran who lept out of the bush. After some introductions and apologies, Kuakuuhu and Akakuna told them about the Bohrokshi and the bait. A blue Matoran in the group knew were Bohrokshi went a lot, and she led them to a Bohrokshi nest. They put the bait in the hollow log were the nest was and tried to get away, but four Bohrokshi were already coming their way. They tried to dodge the Bohrokshis' blasts of acid, but they were caught in energy cages from the Bohrokshi's energy strings.

Kuakuuhu own a snack shack and sells snacks.


Tukei and Mavo's Army



Akakuna  • Kuakuuhu  • Mihaki  • Orako  • Shuni  • Theobroma  • Tuneh  • 12 other Matoran

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