Kunga Forest
Primary Residents Rahi, Matoran workers
Location Bio-Land, East, next to Kohonga City
Status In good shape

Kunga Forest on map

Kunga Forest is the largest forest in Bio-Land, right on the eastern side of Kohonga City. The forest is formed by strong trees, which are great for the industry of the Matoran. Large parts of the forest are cut down everyday and are taken to Kohonga City where some of the wood is sent to other parts of the island or even different lands. The rest is used to build and make stuff.



Bio-Land is a rich island, biggest reason is the great forest industry which Kunga Forest makes possible. And the trees grow back really fast so the cutting isn't harmful to it.


Many Rahi and all kinds of wildlife live in the forest but the cutting down of the forest doesn't harm them in any way or affect them, because they have learnt to live so far from civilization that the trees near it grow back before the Matoran get a chance to cut down the forest near the animals.


The forest was once a part of Mabauto's forest, but when Bio-Land broke off it, the Kunga Forest was formed as an individual forest. When Kohonga City was built, the Matoran quickly started to use the forest.

The Rising destroyed the forest from some parts entirely, but some parts of the forest are on the Kowa so those parts are completely intact and protected from Teridax in the body of Mata Nui.