Land of Fire and Ice
Primary Residents Matoran
Location Grezza
Status Destroyed by an earthquake
Locations Grezza Golf Course, Arena of Fire and Ice

Land of Fire and Ice is a small island on Grezza, which was one of the few survivng islands of Grezza's Disaster. On summers it was unbearably hot, many Matoran working to keep water flowing in it's canals. In the winter it's freezing cold with Matoran struggling to keep unfrozen.


The Land of Fire and Ice was either formed or stood intact during Grezza's Disaster which was a very good achievement. Surviving Matoran soon inhabited it and started building there. The Grezza Golf Course is the most famous thing there.

The Matoran lived in the land for many years, until an earthquake destroyed the land, making it impossible to live there anymore. The Matoran migrated away and currently Land of Fire and Ice is deserted.


Land of Fire and Ice has a solid rock ground. After the earthquake many cracks have formed into it.


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