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Lariska was a stealthy member of the Dark Hunters, and one its most trusted members.


Early Life

Much of Lariska's life before being a Dark Hunter is unknown. When she was recruited however, she quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the Shadowed One's most trusted servants. She was also the first challenger the future Piraka Hakann faced during his initiation into the organization.

Toa/Dark Hunter War

Lariska led a large contigent of Dark Hunters during the Toa/Dark Hunter War. During this event, Lariska was responsible for manipulating Nidhiki into betraying the other Toa, which would lead to his eventual membership in the Dark Hunters. However, Nidhiki's betrayal backfired and the Dark Hunters were forced back to their headquarters away from Metru Nui. As punishment, the Shadowed One cut off Lariska's left arm, which would later be replaced by a mechanical prostethic arm constructed from Xia.

Despite the events of the war, Lariska and Nidhiki formed a close friendship. However, this was not enough for Lariska to do anything when she witnessed the Toa of Air become mutated by Roodaka.

After Nidhiki and his partner Krekka were murdered at the hands of Teridax, the Shadowed One left Lariska in charge of the Dark Hunters while he investigated their deaths in Metru Nui.

Federation of Fear

Lariska was later hired by the Order of Mata Nui and joined the strike team known unofficially as the Federation of Fear. As a member of the group, she aided in the rescue of Miserix.

Lariska teamed with Toa Tahu and a number of others during Teridax's takeover of the Matoran Universe.

After the Battle of Bara Magna, Lariska immigrated to the restored Spherus Magna, continuing to spy on the Organization.

Alternate Versions

Shardak's World

In Shardak's World, Lariska is the Queen of Psionics and a member of the Seven Traitors.

Fixing Time

In Fixing Time, Lariska attacks and eventually joins Takua's Band of Brothers. She is killed in the Maze of Shadows, but is brought back when Tahu was restored before the Time Slip.

City of Legends

Lariska was a bounty hunter before quitting to become a Toa of Ice, along with a fellow hunter named Krekka. She joined Lhikan's team, and was one of the last remaining Toa after Sidorak and Roodaka took over the city of Nynrah with Visorak and held Matoran in spheres.

Some time later, Lariska and the self-titled Nynrah Resistance encountered six mutated Toa claiming to be the prophesized beings who would defeat the dark god Makuta. As time goes on, Lariska aids the newly named Toa Hordika in finding Keetongu and freeing the Matoran, spiriting them away to the island of Mata Nui. There, she gave up her Elemental powers to revive the comatose Matoran and became a Turaga before dying of old age.

Abilities and Traits

Lariska was known to be quick and agile, able to perform amazing feats more easily than most others. She disliked resting, perferring constant movement; she was known to spontaneously perform somersaults and backflips as a result. She was quiet when hunting, and had highly honed senses, able to detect beings using a Kanohi Volitak.

Mask and Tools

Lariska's tools consisted of throwing daggers, which she occasionally coated with poison. She also used a set of Protosteel daggers, given to the Dark Hunters from the Order of Mata Nui as payment.

Though she was able to do so, it was unknown whether Lariska wore a Kanohi.


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