A Lava Chamber is a place where the most of the Ta-Matoran in Vhahkahi works and craft tools. The chief forger is always in charge. A Ta-Matoran who works there will have at least a day break in a month. these structure's importance made them the most secured place on the island.

A Lava Chamber Usually consists these parts:

1.The entrance, of course. But these are not mere entrances. They detects the idendity of the Matoran that enter with modified Klakk sonic cunjuers. If this Matoran is not suppose to be here, the Klakk sonic conjurers would blast the intruder with devastating sonic booms.

2.The divider room. This chamber transports Matoran to different parts of the structure through prtodermis chutes. The chamber is also a working place for the Ta-Matoran named "Transpoters".

3.Lava puifier chamber. This place is where Ta-Matoran puirifies the lava drawn from Mt. Makai, simillar to the protodermis purifiers of Ga-Metru, Metru-Nui.

4.Tool carving chamber. This may be the most important part of the structure and the main purpose of the lava chamber. Here, carvers make cooled lava into tools, machine parts and more. Some Vehicles are also placed here for transporting machine parts to the Realm of builders.

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