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Legacy II: Birth of Evil
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BIONICLE Legacy II: Birth of Evil is a story by Toa Novon and is the sequel to BIONICLE Legacy: Dawn of Destruction.


Chapter 1: The Calling

Toa Hunaka and Toa Runatu walked side-by-side with their weapons in their hands. Moments ago, the two had watched as Teridax died away for good. But something didn’t feel right. After the death of Teridax, the future Toa Mata had disappeared.

The two walked from barren cities to old villages, each ravaged by beings who ransacked everyone’s home. As the two journeyed on, an Agori native, thinking that the two were the Shadoka, warriors of the Shadokan Empire led by a being named Sonictus, ran for cover with his Thornax launcher ready.

"Was that a Matoran, or was it just me?” asked Hunaka.

“I think it’s a Matoran. Why is he afraid of us?” Runatu told Hunaka, with his axe ready.

“Don’t know, my fiery friend. Let ask the Matoran.” Hunaka said.

The Agori didn’t know who Toa were, so the Agori aimed his Thornax launcher and shot a piece of scrap metal from above.

“What the...?” The two Toa of fire jumped before the scrap landed on them. The Agori began to look to see if the two were still alive. Just then, the two appeared and told the agori that they were friends.

“Sorry, uh... Hunaka,” said the Agori.

“It’s OK, Greka. We have been in more difficult situations than this. Besides, what happened here?” Hunaka asked Greka.

“It was horrible. Seven beings came from a portal. One had a mask, while on the other hand was a spear. Bara Magna then came toward a planet of water, which soon fused with it. Just as we thought this was horrifying, everything wasn’t the same. We saw other planets becoming pieces of rock and beginning to fuse. As all the planets in space were coming together, a powerful light fused all the planets. Everyone's species died, but some managed to survive,” said the disgraceful Agori.

“Seven beings. No...” Hunaka then knew who had done this.

Just as the three were going to walk away, a figure appeared from the sands. The figure’s armor was silver. He had a long spear, and also had a Tridax pod. He wore the Kanohi Kiril, Mask of Regeneration. The figure then spoke like thunder.

“Hello creatures. My name is Kirika, and you have entered my kingdom of shadows.”

The universe from that dimension had turned into a nightmare that couldn’t be remembered.

Three Agori with two Glatorian crossed over from land to land. Entering a destroyed Metru Nui, one of the Glatorian said, “This is horrible. This wonderful city has been destroyed by those monsters. Our land was going back to normal, but now... now it's gone, all of it. The survival for everyone is terrifying. Now it looks like we have to fight for ourselves.”

The five walked into the deserted and sandy Coliseum. As the five walked, bodies of Matoran and Rahi were sitting in the sands. Armor and Kanohi masks were visible, but were covered under the sand.

“By my spirit, it’s... It’s... It’s them,” said Wingus.

“Prepare yourself, Wingus, because we have a settle to score with those seven creatures,” said a Glatorian.

“You three go and take shelter. We’ll handle things from here,” Wingus told the Agori.

The sandy floors of the Coliseum make it difficult to fight. As the two Glatorian had their Thornax launchers ready and swords in their hands, the seven beings jumped right toward them.

On the other side of the planet, The Toa Spedoka and Toa Golta walked from Iron Canyon to an oasis in Bara. As the seven protectors walked, two sentient beings from two different planets came by.

The Toa didn’t had the time to battle the two civilians, so they just walked by. The Toa started into the light blue sky. As they looked, six canisters were coming down from the skies above the Toa.

“You don’t think... Oh no,” Golta said to Antrik.

The six canisters roughly landed into the sands of Bara Magna. The canisters crashed and tore apart in impact. The Toa sprinted toward the crash site as six beings were getting out of the canisters.

“By my own spirit. Those aren’t the future Toa Nuva... They're not,” said a astonished Zeska.

The six Toa looked at the six beings, who came out of the canisters. Fog leaked out, and as the six Ttoa came up, the eyes of the those Toa looked as if they were just starting as Toa.

“What happened, Dalu?” Piruk asked with his protosteel hammer.

“I think... Uh... Made it,” Dalu told Piruk. “Where’s Balta and the others?”

“Over here,” said Velika. Using his protosteel axe, he broke down rubble and carried up Balta and Kazi.

“Thanks, Velika,” Balta told his teammate.

“Velika, go and find Garan,” Kazi said to Velika, who was looking for him already.

Just then, an arms pops up under the feet of Kazi. “Oh great spirits what that?!” Kazi jumped. “Oh its Garan. Don’t waste up your Mahiki.” Kazi lectured to Garan. Garan gets up with his Talons already in his hands.

“All right. We made it from Metru Nui to here. Thanks to the Olmak, we ended up here on this strange world. But anyway, we have a mission.” Balta began.

“Hey, wait, Metru Nui? Did the Turaga back home sent a rescue team to help us?” Nahaka asked Golta.

“Why won’t you ask me that?” Balta popped up behind the Toa.

“How the—? How the Spirit's name did you get here?” Golta asked Balta.

“I just saw you and flew with my fire wings,” Balta joked to them. “Yes, the Turaga sent us to rescue you. We had made it here before you guys, but made it a little to early. Some mad being named Mutoka stole a recreated spear of fusion, and also stole my Mask of Regeneration. We followed him here, but saw planets and the Matoran Universe colliding. We managed to get into dimensional canisters which could hold two Toa in each canister. Now that we've found you, it time we go find Mutoka and stop his evil plan before its completion.”

“But I thought it was complete?” Antrik told Balta and his team.

“No it’s just the beginning. Mutoka’s plan, which I read in his preparation scroll, is that he planning to make a great war between every universe in other dimensions. He calls it ‘a dimensional conquest of domination,’” Kazi explained to all the Toa around him.

“That little freak wants a war?!” Golta questioned Kazi.

“Yes. This war, which he tells of on his scroll, is that he wants to create a Toa Empire to rule the dimensions.”

“If he wants a war, he going to have one.” Velika told everyone.

“But war isn’t in the Toa Code. You would be breaking the code of...”

Garan was soon cut off when Balta said to him, “Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. If we must participate in his wicked plan, we will win. Even if it means sacrificing our lives.”

“So that the plan then. Just go to war? Are you serious? I’m thinking of capturing him and his allies.” Lequ told Balta.

“It’s either that, or we die out here, far away from home. The canisters are damaged, thanks to crashing hard,” Velika told the Toa Voyaka.

“Look’s like we have a plan,” said Golta.

“What plan? Plan of going to war? Geez, I have been a Toa for about twenty minutes and I've already signed up for war? Being a Toa is hard work,” Garan told Piruk.

“Yes, we are going to war, but we are going to make an army,” Golta said to Garan. “The army will consist of all of us Toa and Toa from other universes. Toa Voyaka. Your mission was to save us; now it’s our turn. Toa Voyaka, I am going to summon Toa Rodous, Toa of the Southern Islands. The Toa Spedoka and I will go find our allies. Hold the armies down until we come back.”

A portal opened in the upper part of the desert as a dragon appeared. Just as the dragon walked the desert, it wings had inscriptions on it. Its owner, Fallen, had been banished to a realm in Stokota, called the Land of the Exile.

The Dragon fell onto the sandy floors as the center of the torso began to break open. The dragon screamed in pain when the body shattered to dust.

A glowing body was standing on top of the dragon’s remains. The hand of the being began to pull an object from the sand. Pulling out a sword, the being then called his name. His name was surprisingly powerful and brutal. Created by the a Great Being named Shadoko, he was the first Shadow] Toa. The official Toa of Shadow. His name was Fallen, and he would have revenge on the Great Beings.

Chapter 2: Conflict

When the entire universe was being crafted, the Great Beings crafted planets and species for unknown reasons. One of the Great Beings, named Shadoko, had just created a field of darkness that no great being could enter. Shadoko resided on a planet named Shado, which had Energized Protodermis.

Shadoko had created many evil weapons and masks, but he also made a creation that would be his spy. Crafting a protosteel body from energized protodermis, he made life. The creation was perfect. His armor was fitted with the most powerful steel, while his mask was crafted from bits of iron.

The being began to walk as he came from the shadows. As he walked, the back of the room turned into darkness and Shadoko watched as his creation came to him.

“That’s right, my son. Come to me,” Shadoko told his creation. The being stared at his creator, but as he looked at him, the Great Being fell to his knees. His face began to crumble like stone. “What's happening?!” the Great Being questioned.

He didn’t know that tampering with energized protodermis was dangerous, as his creation began to shatter the planet with raw shadow power. The planet then exploded as the experiment destroyed everything.

Shadows from the planet spread everywhere as the barrier of darkness shattered. The experiment flew into space, with darkness around him. As he floated in space, a portal opened, and he was pulled into it.

Shadows followed him into the portal as he ended up in an island. The inhabitants of the island were full of goodness and light. But as the shadows walked all across the island, a Toa with an Olmak watched as everyone on the island fell.

“Whoever you are, get away from me,” The Toa said.

“I... I... I can’t. The shadows are me,” the Toa of Shadows said.

The Toa pulled out his Toa tool, but the shadows cloaked him like a rag. The Toa of Shadows then looked as the shadows left his body. “Go, my pets. Bring shadows to this universe. My name. My name is the Fallen,” the Fallen said.

Picking up the Olmak, he opened a portal and journeyed to the Matoran Universe.

The Toa Voyaka began to build a base from scraps of metal. The Glatorian and Toa worked as the two prepared to battle against the Shadoka in Jiago Falls, but the battle was coming early.

“What is that?” Velika looked up.

“Oh no. Move! Get out of here! It’s a...” before a Glatorian warrior could say explosion, the explosion decimated the Glatorian and the base. The war had begun, but that wasn’t the only problem.

Back home, the Toa Spedoka had made it out alive, but had found out a terrible truth. “No! Mata Nui! Why did you seal the dimensional gates? The Voyaka are still there!” Antrik yelled to the stars above.

“I had to seal up the demon that escaped our world. That was my only choice. I could have locked you up, but I waited for you. Even though the dimensional gates to other universes are sealed, the Toa Voyaka could find another way. I’m sorry for the lost, but I cannot let this universe fall into the shadows. I can sense evil already in my heart, Golta. You will find that evil as a punishment for leaving my heart unprotected.” Mata Nui pointed out to the Toa.

“I did my duty. Now it’s your turn,” Golta grunted.

The dimensional gates to enter different universes may had been sealed, but the seal can be broken. The Kanohi Ignika, the Kanohi Olmak, and the Kanohi Kiril could be used to make a dimensional portal that would both shatter the fused universe but also release energy toward the destination.

The explosion wasn’t over. No. Six more blasts from the sky managed to cause the base to be shattered, but it was still standing. Kirika, standing on top of the remains of the two Toa whom he had battled, watched as the “fireworks” came off.

“Attack once more, but this time, make it more... fun for my two guests,” Kirika told his slave.

“Seeing this battle makes me want to rip my mask apart. So, Kirika, this empire of yours is working for domination over every species?” Runatu asked.

“I am on a quest for peace, even though everyone thinks I’m evil, but I’m not. My world fell apart because of those seven masters of darkness. I would rather team up with you two than Rockto,” hissed the master of shadow.

The Toa Voyaka soon fell into battle. The imperial army didn’t know who or what Toa were, so, of course, they did what they had to do.

Just then, the ground began to break apart. Large amounts of light appeared from the ground, and the sound of sonic booms was heard. Everyone from a kio away was thrown back.

“What in the name of...” Balta muttered.

“What has happen to my army?” the imperial leader said.

The ground then sprung up with rocks, covering the being. The two sides watched as a fragment of the Ignika was on him. A chunk of rock fell from the being's face revealing the Kanohi Rode. The rocks on the being soon exploded when sonic booms took place again. This time, it was a small one.

In the stars of every universe, a spirit star was formed. But this star wasn’t just an ordinary star. It was a star of pure light. Pure goodness. The light was so powerful, that the star was shining for three hours. This Toa that was created by a fragment of the Ignika, has brought justice.

The eyes beneath the Mask of Truth was light red. He looked and said, “My time as a hero has begun. I will being hope to this world.” His electric sword began to create static, and in three seconds, he sent static booms to every being near him.

The Toa Voyaka managed to take cover, while Runatu and Hunaka took cover behind a piece of rubble. Kirika, however was electrified but wasn’t in pain. No. He told the Toa, “I am a Antikuta. If you want to battle like this, so be it!”

A large wave of lightning came right at the being of Sonics, when the Toa electrified the lightning and sent it right back with an extra sonic attack. Sending Kirika back toward a wall, spinning, the Toa then jumped with sonic waves and pushed the Antikuta’s head toward three walls of protosteel.

Nearby, Fallen, walked with his spiked armor, spiked mask, and razor-razor sword. He looked into the desert and saw a group of Antikuta with spears. In a blink of an eye, Fallen disappeared from them. The steps of Fallen were there, but when the group walked over his tracks, Fallen appeared with his sword already cutting the torso of the guards.

“I have been created for one purpose. Destruction!” Fallen told the living guard.

Fallen then grabbed the guard’s neck and looked into the guard’s green eyes. Three seconds later, Fallen threw him to the sandy floor and watched as he was died from the Fallen’s blindness.

Walking away, Fallen began to stalk and formulate a plan to destroy the entire universe. Just then, Fallen began to see a fortress. It was tarred from the inside out and the fortress was covered with scraps of metallic sand. “I can feel... power,” Fallen spoke.

The inside of the fortress was worse than the outside. The walls were scratched with marks from beast-like beings while the armory was destroyed from the inside out. The hallways of the fortress were sort of intact until Fallen entered a an old Carbok chamber-like sphere.

“Power. Power is in here. I can feel it running through me,” Fallen spoke again. Placing his hand on the sphere, the sphere began to operate and separate into two parts. Light was in the sphere until after the sphere was separated, a being’s body was found. Then the power was gone.

“The power is gone. Something or somebody has taken it. But who?” Fallen stared at the armor. A quick hiss came from within the room. Fallen turned his head around and rotated his body to see where the noise was coming from.

“He's here. I can feel that power. Calling to me. It must be mine,” Fallen told whoever was in the room. It was silent when Fallen heard a strange noise coming from outside the sphere.

Fallen stepped out to check what it was when the sphere closed sealed. Fallen however, stuck his arm between the sphere’s two parts and was crushed. Fallen became... upset. The power within the sphere was back, and with Fallen’s arm in it, he drained the power out. “That it... The power. The power is mine!” Fallen exclaimed with joy as he drained the last bits of armor within the circular chamber.

Suddenly, the Fallen’s arm was pulled out, and he landed on his back toward a wall. The fortress began to shake and sank deeper into the sand. Rodous slammed his hands together and sunk the fortress deeper into the sand while Desert Eagles sent devastating blasts of stone causing the fortress to be sealed.

Back at the battle, between Kirika and Rodous, Mutoka and his followers of destruction came about seeing the smell of destruction.

“This is perfect. I own this part of the land.” Shata looked from a distance. Seeing smoke and destroyed cities always made Shata happy.

“No. Not yet, Shata.” Shadoua told his ally.

Mutoka turned around and said, “My fellow allies. It time to depart. This is phase 1 of the plan.”

“Phase 1? We just risked our lives in the Red Star, and now you tell us we have another part to do?” Shaga began to complain.

“That’s it. I’m out of here,” Shaku told Mutoka.

Shapo told him, “You can’t leave yet. Wait until Mutoka's fingers slip. Then we go in for the kill.”

“I know. But Shatek left us when we were teleported here. Now what do we do now without Shatek planning?” Shaku whispered in Shapo’s ear.

“Who said I would leave?” Shatek told them as he appeared from behind their backs.

“Glad you could make it, Shatek. Now then, it is time to capture an ally," The mutant told his minions.

“What is it now? Capture Agori and interrogate them?” Shaku muttered.

“No. It’s not that, you Brakas head. We are going to capture the legendary evil. His name: Fallen,” Mutoka answered back.

Fallen, you traitor. You left me for dead and now I want revenge, Shata thought.

Just then, a sonic wave sent the darkness beings into a pool of sandy protodermis.

“Balta! Now!” Piruk yelled. Balta then came in with his Toa allies, and all six of them stretched out their right arms. Using all six powers, they sealed all seven of the allies.

Just when the seal was about to be completed, Kirika interfered. “Go! Finish the plan Mutoka! Go after the Fallen. Hurry! I’ll hold them off!” Kirika then became sealed while the seven creatures left the sandy grounds.

As the group journeyed out and ran toward the collapsing fortress, the Toa Voyaka ran as well, hoping to make it in. They didn’t, but Rodous did.

“Were to late!” Garan told everyone. “We can’t get in. It’s sunk too deep into the sand. Velika, try to move the sand, since you’re a Toa of Stone.”

“I’m not a miracle worker. It would be sometime during the day that we can get inside.” Velika complained.

“As long as we make it in. There’s something powerful inside,” Dalu told Balta.

There was power. The power was located within that universe. The Ignika had been almost completed, but the Great Beings then decided to make a large scavenger hunt containing all six pieces. All six pieces were scattered, but some pieces were hard to find, hidden from Crystal Valley to the Jungle Temple. The Ignika was the key to escaping.

Chapter 3: Finding

The fortress was down, but evil was rising. Fallen had found the ultimate weapon. The weapon? The mask of life. Even though the mask had been scattered into six pieces, the newly finished Ignika waited for its last pieces. Mutoka and his minion had made it before the Toa could make it in. But now, the Toa had a new mission:

Find the Ignika pieces or watch in horror as a countdown till the ultimate doom begins.

The Toa Voyaka watched as Garan and Velika dug until the found an entrance or even a crack to break in. Balta, Dalu, and Kazi kept watch while Piruk looked for any survivors.

“Nothing here,” Piruk told himself. Piruk then dug a small hole when he found a glowing stone. “What the…” Piruk began. Piruk dug deeper, and felt as if his energy was restored. Moments later, the crafty Toa of Air managed to get the stone.

“By my own eyes!” Piruk said. “It’s a piece of a mask. Everything was destroyed here. How can this survive? Everything for a kio was obliterated!”

It didn’t matter. As long as he made a discovery, it was useful. Balta and Kazi went when the two saw a mysterious bright star.

That's strange, Kazi thought. A star in the afternoon? That's even stranger.

“Look. It looks like it’s coming closer,” Balta told Kazi.

“It is!” Kazi exclaimed.

“Run!” Balta said to Kazi when the star power hit Balta and Kazi. The two were knocked out and landed in the sandy floor. Both of them somehow entered a strange world, with their bodies still in the universe but their spirits transferred to another world.

Dalu and Piruk were examining the Ignika piece when Garan and Velika came in. Exhausted, Dalu had some energy fruit from Metru Nui and gave the two some water.

“Look’s like we’re not even close to getting inside. We sealed it shut,” Velika told Dalu when Piruk interrupted and said, “The Ignika piece. It’s glowing, like something has made it angry.”

“Throw it out of here!” Garan told Piruk, but it was too late. The Ignika piece took away all of the Toa's energy and sent a beam of light in the sky. That's when the six pieces of the Ignika reacted and sent beams as well. The Toa looked up and saw the Ignika’s beams, and then saw a symbol of the Ignika.

“By the Great Beings,” Dalu looked as if she had seen another version of herself.

“It’s... us!” Piruk cried out.

Kazi and Balta, unconscious but alive, had been teleported to another world. But this wasn’t a world. No. The battle of the most powerful beings continued.

Mata Nui looked as if he was healed. Moving as fast as he could, the powerful being moved just in time. The comet, carrying four beings, crashed. Kazi and Balta looked at the impact.

“Were home, but we aren’t in our bodies.” Kazi told Balta.

The two saw see four beings. The four beings, dead and powerful, laid waste to the land until Mata Nui crushed their bodies.

“This isn’t our universe. No. This is going to start something evi—”

Balta was going to say "evil," when Kazi and Balta were summoned back to their bodies.

“That was really strange,” Kazi told Balta.

“As long as were still alive, we have to get out of here,” Balta muttered to Kazi. The two got up, and ran back to see if the Toa were alright.

Piruk and Dalu were soon picked up by a caravan before the Toa of Ice and Toa of Fire could make it. Velika was left while Garan managed to get some energy back. When Kazi and Balta made it back, the entire place was ransacked.

“What happened here?”

“A caravan, that's what,” Velika told the Toa while he was being picked up.

“A caravan spotted us and stole our supplies. They took Dalu and Piruk with them,” Garan told the others with a sack of energy fruit.

“Here, eat this.” Garan gave it to Velika. As Velika ate the fruit, his energy was restored, and Balta looked as his hope was lost.

“What’s wrong, Balta?” Velika told his friend.

“Nothing. Come on. We have to stop that caravan and rescue Dalu and Piruk,” Balta told the remaining team.

The four soon jumped on to a Sand Stalker that holds up to six people. As soon as Balta operated it, he knew that their mission was coming to an end.

Crystal Valley was a dangerous valley. Crystals covered the land, but the most dangerous part of the valley was the pirates. As the caravan moved through the Valley, a guard team was dispatched to watch over the caravan. As the caravan traveled into the Crystal Cave, a group of watchers, known as the Crystal Stealers, watched as the caravan entered the cave.

“Dalu wake up. Dalu wake up,” Piruk whispered to Dalu.

“What happened?” Dalu asked.

“We were captured and were put to some hypnosis,” Piruk told Dalu, when an explosion erupted.

"Now’s our chance," Piruk told Dalu. Breaking out of the caravan’s escort vehicle, the two pulled out their weapons.

“Attack!” yelled the commander.

Dalu and Piruk jumped before another powerful rock could hit them. Managing to make it on top of a Raku, the two then rode off and escaped the hands of the pirates. Appearing from behind them was Balta.

“Jump in!” Balta yelled to them. Dalu and Piruk jumped into the vehicle, and as just as everything was going great, Crystal Cave began to split into two.

“Uh, Piruk,” Kazi told Piruk.

“What? Oh,” Piruk replied, when a large hole was made. Balta tried to turn the vehicle, but as the caravan entered into the hole, Balta then said to the others, “Hang on to something, because we're going down!”

Balta and the others hung on for dear life as the six Toa fell into the hole. As Garan looked up, the last thing he saw was the light that was in Crystal Cave.

Rodous awoke to a fearful sight. Mutoka, holding the armor of a body, began to tear it apart.

“Ah, the Toa awakes from sleep,” Mutoka told him.

“Look who’s talking!” Rodous then sent vibrations to Mutoka and was sent toward a wall.

“Now you're talking,” Mutoka said to the Toa. Mutoka swung a pillar at the Toa, and the Toa was swung at a stone wall. The wall broke, and scraps of rubble covered the Toa of Sonics.

Fallen awoke from the fall of the fortress and found himself not alone. Shata and Shaku, seeing the Fallen, raised their new weapons.

“I know where you are. And I can always kill you with any weapon of your choice.” Fallen appeared behind them with a dark and deep whisper.

“Hey, I don’t want any trouble, you dirt rat.” Shaku told Fallen. Fallen just rolled his eyes away, not trying to see Shaku speaking to him. Suddenly, Shata mysteriously disappeared, while Fallen and Shaku, alone in the dark, began to make an unlikely alliance.

Shapo, Shatek, Shadoua, and Shaga were soon together in a large domed room. “That’s strange. A fortress that hasn’t been used for years and has a dome that still is intact? There's something that makes me feel unsafe,” Shapo told Shadoua.

“Whatever,” Shatek hissed.

Suddenly, the Toa Voyaka crashing down with the vehicle on the road. Breaking the dome, the Toa Voyaka crashed through, and with the four shadow beings right under the dome, three out of the four were crushed.

“Nice landing,” Velika told Balta.

“Be happy we're still alive. What on earth is that?” Balta snorted at Velika who criticized his driving.

“By my own spirit, looks like we killed them,” Dalu told Balta.

“Killed who?” Piruk jumped in. “Never mind.” Piruk soon found out.

The dead Shapo, Shadoua, and Shaga were crushed from the Sand Stalker, and with only two shadow beings left, who would survive the death trap that waited in the core?

Chapter 4: Darkness

As Fallen and Shaku walked together in the darkness, Fallen and Shaku made a deal. The deal: Shaku would be left alive and would be given power, while Fallen would kill Mutoka in exchange for the Ignika.

“Fallen, I hear Mutoka and Shatek,” Shaku whispered to Fallen using his sonar abilities.

“Get ready, because were going to...”

Suddenly, Shatek thrust a sharp rod into Shaku’s forehead.

“No need to kill my partner. I was going to kill him anyway. So, how are you doing comrade?” Fallen asked his former general.

“Shut up, Fallen. I’m not like you, and I will never be. You killed everyone for power, and now I want revenge,” Shatek hissed back at Fallen.

“You are become more like me every day.” Fallen insulted Shatek, when Shatek charged right at Fallen. With only three seconds before Fallen attacked, Shatek turned to dust.

“Looks like we're on the same page,” Mutoka finally appeared from the darkness.

“Who are you?” Fallen questioned the mutated warrior.

“My name isn’t important, but what is important is you,” replied Mutoka.

“Why am I important?” asked the flaming shadows.

“Fallen, you are the most powerful being from any dimension. You destroyed a planet, created the first shadows, and now look at you. You're starting to get smooth. I can help you redeem yourself. Only if you want to be changed,” Mutoka told Fallen. “Fallen, we are the same. You and I have power but the only thing stopping you is you.”

Fallen looks at him for twenty seconds, and then, Rodous created a sonic vibrations that crushed Fallen.

After many generation of battles, Fallen was finally wounded.

“What did I tell you, Fallen? I can help you, but the only thing stopping you is yourself. Fallen. Break the bond between you and your other self.”

Fallen then got up and then, staring at Mutoka, Fallen punched him and sends him flying toward the Toa of Sonics.

“It’s easy to die helpless then die trying,” Fallen spoke with a deep voice as Rodous was just getting started.

“Fallen.” Rodous spoke as if fear was calling toward him.

“Rodous, you and I are two powerful beings. But one thing is for sure. We shall fight till the end. Mutoka and his companions think they will use me as a machine for evil. No. I will kill for power. If you don’t understand me, then let's put it this way: I was created for darkness, while you were created for light.” Fallen justified at him.

“If we are the same, why do you fight for the dark?”

Rodous charged at him, when Fallen threw the Toa to a table of protosteel.

“See. What did I tell you? You fight for the light. I fight for the darkness,” Fallen told Rodous.

Suddenly, Mutoka blasted a sphere of thunder at the two. Rodous managed to kick Fallen behind the legs and jumped before the thunder hit. Rodous then managed to grab Mutoka’s head and twisted the head for a 120 degree turn.

Mutoka just turned his head right back again, and then, Fallen charged at the freak and pushed him toward the broken bridge within the Fortress.

Everyone who was in the Fortress didn’t know that it was the Place where the Ignika was going to be finished.

Mutoka and Fallen fell of the ledge of a broken bridge in the fortress. “You won't win,” Mutoka told Fallen, with Fallen’s hand pushing his face.

“I wouldn’t say that,” Fallen pushed his foot on Mutoka’s chest and jumped toward the wall.

Mutoka landed hard as he landed on a trapdoor, which led to his death. Fallen, however, managed to grab the wall with his nails scratching.

“Poor fool. He could have been a good ally,” Fallen told as he spat.

Fallen then jumped and landed softly on the ground, when Rodous shattered a solid sand wall and pushed Fallen near a pit. Rodous then appeared from the dust as he walked carrying the Ignika.

Just then, Fallen’s hand popped up as Rodous was going to place the mask in its chamber. Getting up, with parts of his armor torn apart and his Kanohi mask almost broken, he came toward the Ignika.

“Power!” Fallen yelled with surprise. The Ignika began to glow as Fallen got closer, but with Rodous protecting it, the mask somehow waned Fallen's powers.

“Mine! Give me the mask!” Fallen yelled.

“No power for either of us. I’m not here to possess it; I’m here to destroy it!” Rodous told Fallen, when Mutoka snatched the mask off of Rodous’ hands.

“It’s mine!” Mutoka said with victory. As the Toa Voyaka entered the room, the Ignika was placed on the face of Mutoka.

“I am the new king of destruction!” Mutoka disappeared after he said these words. The Ignika fell to the hands of Fallen as Mutoka disappeared.

“We're too late!” Kazi yelled.

“Of course you're to late. I’m here to destroy everything, and now I can!”

As Fallen placed the mask on his face, the ground began to shake as Fallen’s plan came to an end.

“This fortress is breaking!” Garan told Balta. “What do we do?”

“We fight until we die,” Balta told everyone.

“It’s now or never! For Mata Nui!” Balta yelled.

Fallen had fallen for power. As he felt the energy, he could also sense another piece of power in the planet. Fallen then transformed into a strange being. His body transformed into tentacles as he wore the mask.

“In order to win, sometimes you have to make sacrifices,” Fallen told them.

Fallen sent six tentacles and grabbed the Toa by the necks, when Shata appeared and saw the battle. He aims the new weapon he had found at the Ignika.

“Let’s see what this can do,” Shata whispered as he aimed the blaster at the Ignika.

Shata shot a blast of light in a strong beam that could shatter anything. It did. The Ignika shattered, as well as Fallen. Suddenly, before Shata could fire again, a Raktu, of the warriors and the new enforcers, stabbed Shata rapidly.

Fallen’s tentacles holding the Toa fell as Fallen was going to explode when, Fallen turned around and saw a thin line and just as he thought this wasn’t dangerous, he was pulled into it and yet this was his fate when he saw bright stars and imploded in space. No one heard the loud scream of Fallen who had died.

“Let’s get out of here.” Dalu told everyone. As the Toa ran toward the only light, they suddenly landed on the destroyed Metru Nui.

“At least we're still alive,” Piruk told Dalu.

“Where’s Rodous?” Balta exclaimed.

Rodous, had been trapped in a large hole. Unknown to him, he was in a hive chamber. The last thing he remembered was seeing a swarm of red eyed warriors holding very dark weapons. As he tried to get up, he was pulled into the hole. The fragment of the Ignika then tried to leave the Toa’s body, but didn’t prevail as tentacles dragged the Toa deeper into the hole.

Rodous, could only watch as the fragment began to die. As he looked up, the red eyes warriors carrying buckets of unknown substances, dropped onto the Toa. The substances covered his whole body. He looked and saw his bright silver armor turn into gray, and very soon, Shadous was born.


Mata Nui’s body rose from the fused planet. Parts of rubble were attached to his body as he awakened. As he moved his hands, Glatorian and Matoran who resided there, were soon sent to the sandy floors of the fused planet.

Metru Nui, began to be fixed by Mata Nui himself, and Matoran survivors celebrated. The celebration didn’t even last for a minute. They had thought that Mata Nui had come and been revived, but found the terrible truth. Mata Nui had been sent into another realm, in another dimension, according to what it said in the stars.

The voice of Mutoka was heard. His plan had made it to only phase three of a six-phase plan. As Mata Nui (with Mutoka dominating the body) looked into the stars above, Mutoka, using all his power, obliterated the remains of Mata Nui.

With Mata Nui’s body under the control of Mutoka, it seemed no hope can be found. No hope. No return. Even in the main universe, Mata Nui couldn’t open a portal. But even in the darkest shadows, light could return.

As the Toa Spedoka awaited a plan from Antrik, sitting down, all six of them fell into six tubes, and changed their forms as they, begin the quest of the Return!

Fallen’s decomposed body floated in space when the Red Star, near Fallen, took him in. The beings within the star then created him once more. More powerful, more fitting, and much more destructive. The beings in the Red Star hoped that Fallen would bring peace. No. Hope. And yet, faith has its rewards.

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