After reading the strange sign saying: "Diax Nui", I walked towards a massive cliff next to me, and started to climb up it. When I reached the top, I ran towards a nearby Matoran and asked him what I was doing here and what this place was. He simply told me the place was called Diax Nui.

After I was newly introduced to the Matoran, I, Leku, became quite popular with the villagers of this new island, and word spread all over Diax Nui that I was new from Voya Nui.

During my quest, I was going to hold a meeting, named the Matoran Council, where five other Matoran could apply to a huge adventure where we ventured into the lair of Zarodon, Makuta of Diax Nui.

When five other Matoran joined the Matoran Council, we started to dig up a huge tunnel, as deep as the Pit nearly. "Where are we going to find Zarodon?" Jaka, a Matoran of Fire questioned me. I did not reply, seen as I did not know the answer.

We dug deeper until we found a mine, swamped by all types of Protodermis. "It's a Protodermis Mine..." Before Kahi, a Matoran of Water could finish her speech, the wall caved in. "No!!!" we all cried. Just as the words had barely left our mouths, a huge wave of Energized Protodermis swallowed us up.

I felt strange energies in my body as I began to transform......Into a Toa!!!! The other Matoran were changing into all shapes and sizes too! Especially me! I was turning into a Toa of Ice!

What would happen next?

To be continued...In Lehku's Blog chapter 03

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