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Element Plasma
Kanohi Derg
Tools Plasma sword, tri-blade
Toa Hagah
Element Plasma
Kanohi Kakama-shaped mask of unknown power
Tools Super-heated Spear, Rhotuka Shield
Status Revived
Location Red Star
Pronunciation Leeh-haht-oooh

Leihatu was once a member of Labyth's Toa Hagah Team, once serving under Makuta Zortycus.


Ahpolki Inika

Leihatu came into being on an unknown island sometime after Mata Nui left the planet of Spherus Magna. Like many of the Matoran on the island, he was treated as a lower-class citizen, and was forced into servitude by the ruler of the island. At some point after the Matoran Civil War in Metru Nui, the Makuta of the island-Zortycus- approached the Su-Matoran. He had suspicions that the ruler of the island was hiding some type of secret from the Brotherhood of Makuta, and he wanted to know what.


Leha345's Continity

Leihatu was created as a Toa Mata, like Matron and Leha, but he was not deemed destructive by the OoMN. But when he saw Matron and Leha being taken to prison, and saw how blankly the other Toa watched them go, he knew being a hero wasn't worth it. In the dead of night he snuck out to the prison and freed his friends. They ran to a tunnel ad started to record their tale Unwanted. After Unwanted the OoMN contacted Matron. Leihatu wonders what his secret is.

Abilities and Traits

On the outside, Leihatu was an upbeat, fun-loving Toa of Plasma. On the inside, however, he seemed to suffer from an inferiority complex (a trait which Zortycus exploited and used to turn him against his fellow Toa).

As a Toa of Plasma, Leihatu can create, control, and absorb plasma, and has a high resistance to heat. His mask allows him to recharge the powers of anyone near him.

Mask and Tools

As a Toa Hagah, Leihatu carried a Rhotuka Launching Shield and Super-heated Spear. His Rhotuka power allowed him to increase the speed of those struck. The latter simply acted as a means of channeling his Elemental Powers. His mask was modeled after a Kakama, in honor of a Toa of Stone from a particular legend.


  • Unwanted (Presumably would've been his first appearance, unpublished)

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