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This article is about the Toa Nuva of Air. You may be looking for his Second Generation counterpart.

Lewa was the lighthearted and witty Toa Mata of Air, part of the team tasked with awakening the Great Spirit Mata Nui. After being exposed to Energized Protodermis, he was transformed into the Toa Nuva of Air.


Early life

Along with the other early Toa, Lewa was constructed by Artahka to aid the Matoran species against threats that they couldn't handle by themselves, built to the specifications of Heremus and the other members of the Council of Greater Beings. Lewa first worked in the caverns of Karda Nui, where he was trained to fight by Helryx and the first Hydraxon. He and the other Toa Mata were then sent to hibernation, in case they would ever be needed by the Order of Mata Nui or a particularly desperate Matoran civilization.


Several thousand years later, the Toa were accidentally awakened by Mata Nui as his body purged its systems of any unnecessary energy use to conserve energy during the Great Disruption, a period of time punctuated by civil war and general destruction, in which Mata Nui was severely deprived of power, including the power needed to continue the Toas' hibernation process. Lewa and the rest of his team fled Karda Nui before the problems were righted and hibernation was to start again, putting inert Bohrok in the canisters to fool the sensor arrays. The team resumed their heroic actions before they were found out, by which time they were too popular to dispose of quietly or return to hibernation. Thus, the Order directed their agents in the Dark Hunters to eliminate the team before they revealed any Order information to the world prematurely. In the fight, the rock outcropping the fight was taking place on collapsed, sending the Toa and one of the agents into a chasm beneath them, where an old Protodermis research lab had been abandoned because of overflow and taken over by an Energized Protodermis Entity. A Dark Hunter agent was killed in the fall, and Tahu and Gali were badly hurt, so Lewa tried to convince the entity to heal them. The being eventually accepted, on the condition that they would leave his domain and never return, nor to reveal it to others so that they might find him, as he was quite content as he was. After agreeing, the entity healed the team, but due to the nature of his powers, they were also transformed into Toa Nuva.


The team was eventually disbanded due to frequent actions of Dark Hunters and other beings hired by the Order constantly attacking them, for despite Helryx's orders to stop, some of the more radical members of the group continued to plot for the demise of the Toa Nuva. Outraged by this, Helryx distanced herself from most of the rest of the group, trusting only a few of her closest associates not to betray her, and began to secretly support the Nuva despite the actions of the radicals. Meanwhile, Lewa was made the official Toa of a city in the Northern Continent, but began to feel a niggling urge to travel south. Eventually, he succumbed to the urge and bought a boat from a fast-talking De-Matoran in one of the coastal settlements. After a few days of aimless sailing, he arrived at Tren Krom's island, where he decided to get off of the boat and explore. Despite himself and his love of open spaces, he decided to descend underground, where he encountered an unspeakably hideous red being tearing itself apart by attempting to free itself from a crack in the rock it was fused to. After a brief and futile battle with the beast, which showed itself to have immense control over its own physical form, growing claws and eyes and battering wings to try and defeat him and resume its task, Lewa received telepathic contact from someone else on the island, telling him that he would need to link his mind to the creature's in order to calm it. Initially skeptical, Lewa followed the voice's instructions and found himself inside the mind of the creature, yet unable to feel anything but instinct and rage. Going further in, he unconsciously left his body, which was quickly seized by the owner of the voice, a being known as Tren Krom, who had up until that day been a disembodied intellect after leaving his body for reasons of freedom, but forced to kep an eye on it to ensure that it didn't destroy itself and the island along with it. With Lewa now inside the mentality of the body, Tren Krom was able to trap him there, taking the Toa's now-catatonic body as a new, more mobile body for himself. Trapped and helpless, Lewa was forced to watch the thief scamper away in his body. Lewa quickly conquered the pure-instinct mind left in the body, and from it gained access to many of Tren Krom's non-mental abilities.

Alternate versions

Bellator Lewa

In the The War Universe, Lewa remained a Toa for long enough to complete his destiny, yet decided he didn't want to give up his powers, though the rest of his team did. They passed portions of their abilities to the dedicated hero, changing his body and giving him partial ability to harness plasma, which he could not use under normal means but was capable of using it when channeling it through a specially modified tool, his Plasma Gun. During The War, his gained powers were released from him and he was returned back to his Toa form. He also lost his Plasma Gun and Air Staff and regained his Air Saber.

Abilities and traits

Lewa's mask was the Kanohi Miru, the Kanohi Mask of Levitation, which allowed him to rise for a massive amount in any direction, but could not provide true flight by itself. Post-transformation, Lewa's mask was changed into a Miru Nuva, which could extend its levitation powers to other beings in the nearby area if its wearer so chooses Lewa Nuva also lost his original Air Katanas during his transformation, and now wields an Air Saber. He gained a Midak Skyblaster during his time guarding the Matoran city. All of Lewa's tools are now in the posession of Tren Krom, who uses them in the times that he does Enforcers of Tren Krom work.



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