Residents Makuta ,Toa,Matoran, Rahi
Ruler Turaga Marjii
Makuta Deslox
Status Returned to complete form in New Metru Nui


Li-Nui was originally part of the Southern Continent until the Great Catalism. Since then it has floated on the Ocean above. Very recently, Turaga Marjii has began to act strange and ordered the deaths of many Matoran secretly. Leader of Li-Nui's guard, Pirukua, went missing. It is said is is the leader of the Li-Nui Resistance Team, against the Turaga


Much of Li-Nui is barren desert except the near center of the Island. There are active Energy volcanoes around the Southern tip. a thin ice barrier protects the Northern district.


Li-Nui was known for its energy productions when it was connected to the southern continent 1000+ years ago. They still are famous for there amazing Energy Towers scattered through out the Island.

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