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"Next comic, you die first!"
―Lihkan to a Ninja in a comic.
Group Comic-Land Residents
Occupation Comic Maker
Element Fire/Light hybrid
Powers Author powers; Toa powers stored in the Stone of Seventen
Kanohi Noble Matatu
Tools Various
Status Alive
Location Comic Land
Pronunciation Kray-zee Lee-kon Thur-tee ayt
Crazy-Lihkan38, known commonly around the universe as Lihkan, or less commonly CL38 or simply CL, is a half Ta-Matoran and half Av-Matoran who lives in the Comic Land. He is partly insane, and has witnessed much in his life that has changed him. He is currently the author of Crazy-Lihkan38's Comics.


Lihkan began as a matoran, but became a Toa later on, exactly how is unknown. It is known that he was a veteran in the wars in Canada Land, but moved to Comic Land after they ended. While there, he met Antwon, a matoran who had the ability to switch between being a Toa and a matoran. He taught Lihkan how, and transferred this energy into the Stone of Seventen.

Lihkan and Antwon later moved to BZ-Metru, and experienced the native tradition of comic making. After experimenting and guest starring several times, they decided to move out and start their own comics.

Personality and Traits

Lihkan, as his name implies, is insane. He has a good sense of humor, can be logical, and likes to be sarcastic when needed. He can be known for random impulses of rage, stupidity or humor. He does agree that violence is a last-resort, but he usually can't find any first-resorts, so violence is completely necessary.

As a comic maker, he is the author and usually expects the other characters to treat him like a powerful being. There are a lot of secrets in the studio that only he knows about, but there are many more he doesn't.

Powers and Abilities

As an original Matoran, Lihkan had slight powers of light, and had the power to change his appearance, however he thought he was a Ta-Matoran. As a Toa, he was transformed into a Toa of Fire/Light, and could use either or combine them.

After returning to Comic Land, Antwon, who gave him the Stone of Seventen, and could transform between Toa and Matoran form. However, he must be in physcial contact with the Stone, and if anyone took it, they wouldn't be use it, but Lihkan couldn't either.

In his new comics, he has control over the mythical Author Powers. He does not use them often (as he might be aware of them) but he can affect the comics in magnificent and dangerous ways. They are exactly the same to Tapio's powers in Comic 20 of Toatapio Nuva's Comics, Comic 21, and the Toa of Power Guest Star Comic. He has been seen to be able to Dragon Shouts.


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