GroupOrder of Mata Nui
ColorsBrown, grey
OccupationOrder of Mata Nui servant


Not much is known about Lirox when he wasn't recruited into the Order of Mata Nui, except that he served in a war nicknamed "The Halls of Death".

Order of Mata Nui

Lirox was recruited into the Order of Mata Nui by Trinuma. His first mission was to go to the Southern Continent to explore the area. But he was attacked by an enlarged Niazesk and two Rahkshi, Lirox could not fight them, however, so he called assistance from Tobduk. Lirox, Hakor and Tobduk met and Lirox persuaded Tobduk to destroy the Rahkshi and enlarged Niazesk. Tobduk accepted, and rode on a Protocairn to where Xidok ( Being )'s forces were. Lirox and Hakor later broke into Xidok's lair to steal the alternate Ignika. They were later caught by Felnoh. Felnoh beat Lirox, but Felnoh was killed due to Hakor stabbing him in the back. Hakor and Lirox escaped, and met up with Mirol, another Order servant. Later, they saved Tholos and Sile from a bunch of Rahi.

Abilities & Traits

Lirox is trained in the arts of combat and can fix vehicles and high-tech things. Lirox's mind is shielded from mental attacks due to training from the Order of Mata Nui.

Mask & Tools

Lirox carried a longsword, as seen in Fight to The Finish. He lost this while he was fighting Felnoh. Lirox wears a Komau, Mask of Mind Control.


Fight to The Finish

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