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Lisk is a rogue Baterra who operates on Bara Magna.

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Biographical Information
ColorsRblack,silver,lime green
OccupationBara Magna
StatusBara Magna


Lisk was originally a completely normal Baterra created along with all the others by the Great Beings in order to stop the Core War. Some time after the desert region broke of Spherus Magna and became Bara Magna, Lisk was somewhat damaged by a bolt of lightning, which caused it's reasoning circuits to malfunction, and as a result Lisk will attack almost anything in sight, making it an even bigger threat to travelers unarmed or not, due to the fact normal Baterra will only attack armed beings.

Reformation of Spherus Magna

Since the reformation of Spherus Magna, Lisk has not been seen by anyone, but there have been rumors of a party of Matoran and Agori gone missing near his last known location.


As a Baterra, Lisk has the ability to manipulate it's shape and appearance, in order to fool enemies.


Lisk possesses two Skrall blades and due to faulty programming uses nothing else as weapons. However, before it's programs went amok it normally used a blade equipped with a built in Thornax launcher, and a small silver shield to block heavy blows or to stun opponents in combat.


  • He mimics the form of Tuma to mock him.
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