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Element Plantlife
Kanohi Miru
Tools Unknown
Dsvt 036
Element Plantlife
Kanohi Great Miru
Tools Great Jungle Axe, Energy launcher
Lome small
Group Irania Nui Council
Element Plantlife
Kanohi Noble Miru
Tools Venerable Jungle Axe
Status Alive
Location Irania Nui
Pronunciation LOW-mee

Lome is a Toa of Plantlife.


Lome was created by the Great Beings as a Matoran, to populate their test island of Irania Nui. However, he was quickly selected to be one of the island's Toa.


When the chamber in Onu Iarn was found, Lome led the Toa Iarn past all the traps, and made their way to a pedestal in the final chamber. Several items sat on the pedestal - an orb which allowed immediate communication with a Great Being, a lump of glowing purple crystal, a gold and black knife, and a key. They took these objects back to the center of the city, where they studied them.

The blue orb would allow them to communicate with a Great Being, of the knife and the crystal they were unsure, but the key was greatest of all. As it neared a certain section of Po-Iarn, it would glow brighter and brighter, as if revealing the location of something. This attracted the attention of one being - the Element Lord of Shadow and his army of Skrall.

The Toa Iarn battled them in Po-Iarn for many days, until Lome decided that something had to be done. Using the orb, he pleaded with a Great Being called Angonce to stop the battle, and so he did. Angonce threw the Element Lord of Shadow into the Zone of Darkness, and infused the Skrall with the canyons. He then wiped the memories of everyone in Irania Nui, and replaced the objects (save the orb, which disappeared), and sealed Onu-Iarn. Then Angonce left, and Irania Nui continued as it had before.

Lome was allowed to remember all of this, so that history could not be repeated.


Lome became the sole Turaga of Irania Nui, with the Matoran Juuloc and Kukaro as his bodyguards. He was loved by his Matoran subjects, and led the island through dark times into a Golden Age of prosperity.

Jadax Magna

Lome became trapped on Jadax Magna after a Shadow Matoran called Vesil activated a Kanohi Olmak when the two crashed through a window. He then had an altercation with Kreix and began travelling with Jex.


Through unknown means, Lome made it back to Irania Nui, which had come to rest on Spherus Magna. Rather than resume his post as city elder, he allowed the newly transformed Turaga Ihu to assume that role. Now, Lome and fellow Turaga Yona spend their time wandering between the Iarns, fixing damage done in battles against the Brotherhood of Makuta, and acting as Matoran/Agori relations for the island.


  • Turaga Lome's character is based on that of Morpheus from The Matrix Trilogy.