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Kanohi Unknown
Tools Unknown
Toa Lomyeuh
Group Toa Kaduio
Occupation Scout
Element Air
Kanohi Kaulsi-shaped Cycan
Tools Air Short Sword, Gold Knuckle, Air Knuckle
Status Deceased
Location Famuud Nui
Pronunciation LOME-YUH

Lomyeuh was the Toa Kaduoi of Air.


Lomyeuh was the scout of the Toa Kaduoi, who became a Toa after finding a Toa Stone that fell from the sky. He then traveled to Famuud Nui along with the other Toa Kaduoi to protect the Matoran from the unknown Rahi. He also was the only one of the Toa Kaduoi to influence Osmap's personality. He then traveled to the city of Metru Nui with the team of 300 Toa called there. He then spent many years training in an Order of Mata Nui base.

Abilities and Traits

Lomyeuh joked a lot, like many Le-Matoran. After he became a Toa he started joking less but still had a playful personality.

As a Le-Matoran, he was more nimble and athletic than most Matoran. As a Toa of Air, he could create, control, and absorb Air.

Mask and Tools

Lomyeuh wore the Kanohi Cycan, the Mask of Grappling. Which, when used, would grant him slightly more physical strength, and would also allow him to focus his wind energy to "grab" faraway objects, which would then come to him. Alone, he could use the mask's power to hold creatures back from a distance.

Lomyeuh's Toa tool was the Air Short Sword, which allowed him to focus his elemental energy. He also had knuckle dusters called the Gold Knuckle and the Air Knuckle, but they have no powers in addition to their offensive use.



  • Lomyeuh's name, when pronounced correctly, means 'a lot of wind' in Thai.
Toa Kaduoi
Meufah  • Lonmahk  • Lomyeuh  • Osmap

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