"I didn't want to kill Lottie, Tapio"
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KanohiYellow Hau
ColorsLight blue, Yellow
OccupationNone, was a student
LocationSoul: Bionicle Heaven


Lottie was a female Matoran, who was very smart, and a good friend of Tapio. Actually it was a little more than a friendship, Tapio actually loved Lottie a little.


Tapio and her became good friends in a school in Tapio's Original Homeland. Their friend was also Inwirn. One day the Sandmonster attacked the school and Lottie went to fight it with her friends. It was driven away, but Inwirn had been poisoned.

When Inwirn became evil, Lottie tried to stop her with Tapio, but in a battle on the roof of the school, Lottie fell down behind the school and died. Inwirn told Tapio that she didn't want her to die and escaped. Tapio has been very sad about it and hasn't still forgot it.

Her soul was later sent to the Bionicle Heaven

Years after Lottie's death, a Matoran named Zenta found her corpse and decided to investigate.

Abilities and Traits

Lottie was a very lovable, friendly and smart Matoran who always knew what to do. She was liked by many and hated by few. Tapio loved her. She wore a powerless, yellow hau


  • Lottie's dead body was found by Zenta
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