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Title Mask of Weapon Effect
Powers See Below
Component disks Unknown
Pronunciation LOO-mecks

The Lumex, the Mask of Weapon Effect is a Kanohi that allows the user to give power to their weapon.


100,000 years ago a great mask builder created the Mask of Weapon Effect and was given to Arkartha for safe keeping. Rumor spread around to the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Dark Hunters and tried to steal the mask from the realm of Arkartha. These raids were called Shadow Wars. No could steal the mask however. It was left in a security chamber in Daxia, guarded by Botar until The Order of Mata Nui could find a loyal user to give to.


Kanohi Lumex/Mask of Weapon Effect gives the user to give power to their weapon and when the weapon collides with a object, that object changes into what the user desires it to be. 1/10 of the users's energy is used each time the mask is used. Once the user's energy is gone, the wearer dies as the side effect to the mask.


  • In chapter 3 of Hodoka's Blog, Hodoka thought of dissolving water and his sword suddenly dissolved the incoming lava.
  • In chapter 6 of Hodoka's Blog, Hodoka slashes a rock and morphs it into a Tahtorak Dragon.

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