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GroupConfederacy of Darkness
ColorsGreen, black
LocationSouthern Continent


Madrax once specialised in Rahi creation. When Teridax ordered the invasion of Karda Nui, Madrax was one of the many Makuta who went there. He and Tian later attacked two Av-Matoran, Kirik and Foros. Tian corrupted Kirik, meanwhile, Foros was trying to escape, but Madrax managed to corrupt him shortly after. Later, When Mutran ordered the Makuta to retreat to the swamp, Madrax and Foros went there. Madrax later shapeshifted into another form to better suit the swamp. He and Foros later built a base for their experiments, but realised they needed fresh Rahi material, so they went out of Karda Nui to find some. By the time they got back, the Energy Storms were starting to ravage Karda Nui, so they went to Makuta Xidok's base on the Southern Continent. While there, Teridax tried to kill the remaining Makuta, but his attempt failed when Xidok somehow managed to save himself and the others. (Excluding Niank, who was on a mission at the time.) Madrax and Foros later captured Toa Kodix, but he escaped using his Volitak.

Much later, Madrax teleported to one of the Southern Islands by Teridax, who now controlled the universe. After a brief confrontation, Teridax made a stone hand grab Madrax and pull him into the ground, which then turned to molet magma, killing Madrax.

Abilities & Traits

As a Makuta, Madrax possessed many abilities which included elemental Shadow powers, shape-shifting abilities, the ability to produce Kraata, and all forty-two Kraata powers. He also shapeshifted into a form that would suit him in the Swamp of Secrets, however, this is Madrax's favorite form, and he kept it as his primary form. While combined with Foros, the two gained immunity to elemental attacks.

Mask & Tools

Madrax wore a Kanohi Felnas, Mask of Disruption, but since he shapeshifted into another form to suit him for the Swamp of Secrets, his Felnas changed aswell, growing what looks like a Shadow Leech on the mask, and he could use this to drain a being's light. Madrax also wielded claws, which he could use for melee purposes.


Fight to The Finish

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