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“It was in those days I discovered our destinies are not written in stone. We have to find them for ourselves. I found mine. Now it's time for you to make new legends, for that is the way of the BIONICLE.” — Turaga Vakama

The Custom BIONICLE Wiki, or CBW for short, is the single largest BIONICLE wiki in existence. Here, you and other fans of LEGO's BIONICLE line can make up your own MOC (My Own Creation) and display it in its own encyclopedia article! Anyone can put their custom BIONICLE creations and stories on this wiki, as long as it's not inappropriate or copyrighted.
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First Place

Date Night

Well, here it is at last… the grand victor of the contest in all its glory...

Dominating discussion since the contest began, Date Night was uniquely poised through virtue of its graphic novel format, making it much more accessible and easier to digest than most prose-heavy short stories, with the assurance of regular updates and a compelling story from our own resident funnyman, BionicleChicken. But beneath the hood, this reviewer feels compelled to comment on the new ground this story breaks, not just as the winner of this contest, but as Page of the Year 2017.

Unanimously celebrated across the wiki, ‘’Date Night’’ is praised for its creative premise, which intersects the worlds not only of Tayluu and Thode, also of Shadowmaster, Typhus, even finding time to sneak in an appearance from Niha and her ATP-000 brethren. The choice to give Tayluu retrograde amnesia feels like a very befitting footnote in the life of a Toa of Psionics, while the decision to depict Thode in the over-zealous, Batman-Year-One stage of his career serves a similar effect, ensuring plenty of comedic openings that culminate in a Mr and Mrs Smith-style battle between love-struck assassins. While the overarching Beasts subplot only makes some sense to this research-lacking reviewer, I wholeheartedly have nothing but praise for this story. Entirely hand-drawn with near-daily updates over the space of three months, one can do little else but marvel at the gargantuan effort undertaken in the completion of this story before the twice extended deadline.

With the innovation of Date Night as the first successful crossover event on the wiki, this reviewer now personally possesses a much greater interest in seeing a shared storyline come to fruition. After reading Date Night, there can be little doubt that BC should be heralded as one of the most creative, meticulous, and renowned content creators in the fandom, with the legacy of this story spawning its own fan-created art.

A true stroke of genius that employs the same quick-thinking wits and affectionate prioritization of character over gimmick that won BC the Character Swap Contest in 2015, this reviewer can safely say that this is the best comic he has read since Elegy ended.

Second Place

Exit Wound Banner
Exit Wound

This week we find ourselves staring down the barrel of yet another BobTheDoctor27 story, this time his entry for the Tenth Anniversary Contest which brings together the characters of Mersery and Jarodin. These are (at the risk of vanity) two of the wiki’s oldest and most recognisable characters, yet curiously, for one reason or another, both characters have featured more in the works of other wiki creators than in the written works of their own respective creators.

These interpretations have varied in terms of depth, sophistication and accuracy - there are a handful of stories that are merely content to boil Jarodin and Mersery down to archetypes broadly resembling of ‘noble warrior’ and ‘wise elder.’ And for the most part, this is fine, because broadly speaking, these cliches are where these two characters came from.

What distinguishes Exit Wound from many of those stories is the sincerity and respect it affords both these characters. BobTheDoctor27 is never half-hearted when he is given a chance to steer the wheel with another writer’s characters. In this case, his understanding of the characters is absolutely spot-on. In Jarodin and Mersery, he precisely identifies how to best play them off each other, with Mersery as a cautious optimist and Jarodin as a cynic driven to fight for a worthwhile cause, whilst hoping to find himself in the process. Pleasantly, Exit Wound avoids playing these voices against an operatic backdrop, opting instead for something less grand in scale but far richer because of it.

The plot of Exit Wound essentially amounts to a small, characterful ghost story, a distant cry to the high octane melodramatics we often encounter these characters in. In playing the characters more quietly, Bob finds wonderful ways of wringing camaraderie, friendship, humour, grief and melancholy out of both these leads and goes the extra mile to wrap all this goodness up in a neat little action adventure too.

Brimming with stronger character work, an evocative and eerie setting and a brisk pace, Exit Wound is well worth more than a cursory glance!

Featured Story

Shadowmaster's Final Conquest
Shadowmaster's Final Conquest

Of all the stories celebrated in this contest, Shadowmaster's Final Conquest is without a doubt the simplest, although it tells perhaps the most emotional story. Brought to us by contestant ChineseLegolas, it places Shadowmaster front and center in the most unlikely of predicaments.

Multiversal conquerors cannot catch a break. Between fending off "the good guys" who seek to stop them, as well as other would-be conquerors, they have precious little time to sit back and have some downtime. Rarely do we have an opportunity to see their personal life, their warm personalities away from the bloody battlefield. Nor are such beings ever allowed the simplest of commodities, such as even friendship; too often opponents refuse to see one's side of things and subordinates are waiting for an opportune moment to stab one in the back.

Enter Icarax (Shadowmaster).

No, it was not any of the other Netorrians--beings of Shadowmaster's original race whom Shadowmaster betrayed and drove against each other--who opened themselves up to Shadowmaster. It was not Ethyndenius, the supposed brother of Shadowmaster who allowed him any such benevolence. It was not even the five deities to whom Shadowmaster had granted life who gave him the caring friendship he so needed. Nay. The task fell upon one Icarax (Shadowmaster) to touch the heart of one who had conquered so much of reality.

Truly it is one of the most caring stories on the wiki, a story showcasing how even the kindest gesture can spread warmth to even the coldest shadows.

With this act of selflessness touching his heart, the stage is now set for Shadowmaster to ravage the universes and dismantle any who dare to dash themselves on his blades.

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Featured Story

An Exercise in Futility
An Exercise In Futility


Bringing back one of the more famous characters of FireDrag1091, An Exercise in Futility revolves around Makuta Erevayx, although this one is of the Moirai Alternate Universe.

Probably the most bizarre entry into the Ten Year Anniversary Contest, this story was written by resident Administrator ToaGonel, stemming from his effective adoption of FireDrag’s storyline. The short revolves around Erevayx and Telravarn, a Glatorian companion of his who is being hunted by an unknown being (You’ll have to read it to find out).

While a large part of the story is original, other parts of it do a few unique things. One, the beginning of the story recounts the Makuta’s origins, specifically how he became infected with his own creation: biotoxin.

Intended to bridge the gap between Erevayx's Debut, Continued Adversity and Declaration, ToaGonel also used the story to set up his latest installment in his Broken Order saga, Oblivion's Game, a massive crossover event dedicated to the wiki’s tenth anniversary--one which features the Glatorian Telravarn, with this story having introduced him.

Truly an entertaining read, I highly recommend An Exercise in Futility. It’s just a bizarre story that it’s worth reading, especially if you want to see one of FireDrag’s classic characters again.

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Featured Story

Pit Stop
Pit Stop

One of the first stories entered into the tenth anniversary contest, ArchonHutere01’s Pit Stop serves as a sorely-needed slice of life story, supplementing the long and jargonic storyline of Tollubo in the days before he became a Toa.

Having traveled much of the Matoran Universe in the years after the Time Slip, Pit Stop depicts a version of Tollubo so vehemently opposed to the prospect of settling down that it seems he has stepped straight out from the pages of a Fractures story. Bereft of purpose and without an allegiance, Tollubo comes to learn a valuable lesson.

Almost parabolic in structure, Pit Stop depicts its protagonist in a much younger and more opinionated stage of his life, eager to prove the local Turaga wrong and forsaking the pleasures of a well-adjusted life in favor of exploring more of the rich and abundant universe he inhabits. Rounded, well-researched and full of refreshingly quick-paced descriptions, this story found itself indoctrinated into Tollubo’s official backstory just days after release.

With unanimous approval but surprisingly low readership for Hutere’s first story, Pit Stop is surely deserving of its place on the main page this month, capturing a quintessential part of the character in the form of a short story, something the character’s creator has never managed to do.

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Featured Story


Marking Chicken Bond’s first story in several years, Seaweed brings back the nostalgia of Toa Hydros’ storyline in a short scene that we can all enjoy.

Set in a swampy area of Daxia, the story features a scene depicting a training session between Toa Hydros and his mentor Toa Zuvak. From what I can tell, this is taking place during Hydros’ days after he became a Toa of Fire, Air and Earth, thus showcasing the Hydros we all know and love.

Beautifully described and rich in detail, Seaweed is an elegant story written by one of our senior users, dedicated to a storyline that he has contributed so much to over the years, a perfect way to celebrate ten years of CBW.

Another interesting fact about this story: it was originally conceived as a much broader story, featuring more characters than actually appear. The story was originally titled Past Glories, and Seaweed was actually the first scene in that story, but unfortunately Chicken Bond was unable to complete the story in time for the deadline and chose to submit the first scene instead.

Well, whether long story or short, everyone can find something to enjoy in Seaweed, and I encourage everyone who hasn’t to give it a read, because it is definitely a gem.

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Featured Story

Never Weigh Me Down
I39 Never Weigh Me Down

Within his story Never Weigh Me Down, contestant Invader39 chooses to examine one of the wiki’s most prominent characters in 2010 and the years afterward: Hydros, Toa of Fire, Air, and Earth. Unlike Seaweed, which offers us a snapshot of Hydros in training, Never Weigh Me Down shows the other side of the coin, a character who is very much in his element(s).

Accompanied by Kylord, another of the classic CBW hall of famers, the two are deployed by Helryx to a Matoran village to recover one of the crucial Brotherhood Tablets of Transit. On the way, they are intercepted by Tyrant, a Dark Hunter also sent for the same treasure. After some battle, the Toa successfully recover the tablet and Tyrant is taken prisoner by the Order.

It’s a rarity to see a story centered around a regular day in the life of a character. Under normal circumstances, most would showcase their characters squaring off once again against their arch-enemies or stopping another threat with cataclysmic proportions. Invader foregoes this, settling instead for a simple operation of the Order in anticipation of the Destiny War. All in all, it’s just a day in the lives of Hydros and Kylord (and any given Order agent, for that matter).

It’s a well-written story, and, much like Exit Wound, explores the first serious interactions we’ve seen of such Order agents who would be quite familiar with each other. Here’s hoping it will serve to pave the way for more such stories.

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