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"They may look twisted and disgusting, but their hearts are pure... they have seen so much darkness and pain... We must help them."
Powers N/A
Location(s) First BIONICLE Planet
Status Living on Dromii happily

The Mak-Matoran were an effort by Makaatu to create his own Matoran. He had seen his brother create happy Matoran, he wanted his own too. The result, Mak-Matoran, didn't please him, however. The Matoran were odd and twisted, looking absolutely... stupid. Makaatu was raged by his failure and locked the Matoran in the Cave of Failure, along with a few Bakav and a few failed Rahi creations.

The Mak-Matoran lived in their dark cave for millennia until the First Matoran found them. Even though the Mak-Matoran looked odd and twisted, they were welcomed into the home of the First Matoran, Hangi Canyon.

When Mata Nui awoke, he gave the First Matoran eleven assignments. One of these told them to put the Mak-Matoran into the Ancient Suva. They took the Mak-Matoran to the Suva and placed them there. After a giant flash of light, the Mak-Matoran were transformed by Mata Nui into First Matoran. They were no longer odd and twisted, but part of the First Matoran now. Of course, they still looked a bit different but it didn't matter. They had been purified from all darkness and pain.

The, formerly, Mak-Matoran then moved to Dromii with the others and now live there.

There are currently no Mak-Matoran in excistence, since they were changed into First Matoran.

The former Mak-Matoran, now First Matoran

  • Rukip - A green helper of the Epina's Construction Company
  • Luda - A fisherman
  • Ranag - A miner's helper
  • Kaliev - Current helper of Niksu
  • Zuki - An architect of the Epina's Construction Company
  • Latab - An architect of the Epina's Construction Company
  • Zukeiv - An astrologer

First Matoran
Kaukau | Akaka | Lailai | Tunara | Niksu | Ruru | Arkam | Rakma | Huna | Att | Kapekk | Nikama | Nirta | Miru | Epina | Sahtara | Pakawi | Kopakie
Previously Mak-Matoran
Rukip | Luda | Ranag | Kaliev | Zuki | Latab | Zukeiv
Hangi | Ilona
Status Unknown

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