"Being controlled be someone else and not being able to help your friends, that is little more then a pawn waiting for it's master to throw it away"-Makarray talking to Ned about Rack, before they fight.

Bionicle's 001
GroupFreedom Fighters
ColorsGreen and Silver
OccupationWhen the time comes,help restore Terith Ruw
ToolsTwo Climbing hooks
LocationTerith Ruw

Makarray is a Le-Matoran, and the first being that Sala meets. And is one of the few matoran of Terith Ruw not to be mutated.


Before Sala comes Makarray and Eltru were pretty much the only threat to Rack and the Glea after Haydred died and Turaga Hefny vanished, but two against millions is not a comfortable odd. So Eltru went into hiding and Makarray made armor for the Glea (that is why some of the matoran did not get mutated), they both had to wait for help to come to them.

Sala on Terith Ruw Sala had tried to get Makarray by surprise, and he did but the whisper in Makarray's mind told him that someone was behind him. And then after a few questions (below quote) they got attack by a Glea in armor. When Sala got hit by Toa's Fate, Makarray tried to tell him not to use his elemental abilities but the virus had did what it was supposed to do. With Sala unconscious, the Glea would have captured them but Eltru arrived and got them to safety (for now). In Eltru's home they told Sala the history of Terith Ruw. Afterwards, the went to attack Felnas.

Continued in Freedom.


Makarray has two climbing hooks, and toa armor on his upper arms (that's kinda to big).

"Well...I think we should talk some place else"-Makarray talking to Sala right before they got attacked by a Glea in armor.
Bionicle's 003

Makarray with Zip


Makarray is kind and patient, and is always willing to help a friend in need (which has gotten few). He is willing to fight to help save Terith Ruw and his used-to-be best friend Ned. He likes to spend time with Eltru and his pet rahi Zip. Makarray has a strange liking to something that most Le-matoran don't like. He likes to swim.


Makarray is very good at rock climbing. He is quick and pretty good at hand-to-hand combat. He is skilled with his climbing hooks at both climbing and fighting. He is also a good swimmer. Something like a whisper keeps talking to Makarray in his mind, a whisper that has saved his life twice and Eltru's once, and it told him that Sala was right behind him. But Makarray is the only one that can hear it.

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