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"Creativity.A power that controls the balance of fate.There can't be too much Toa, nor Makuta, nor Matoran, nor Rahi.This power is what only me and my brothers, could understand."
Makura is a mutated Great Being.
Intial beast transformation Bionicle1 772 Further transformation Ids5621 makura
SpeciesGreat Being
GroupGreat Beings (Formerly)
ColorsRed and Black
ElementCreativity, Space
ToolsA Spear(Formerly) Axe
LocationTehktra nui


Pre-Tehktra Nui

Makura, back when he was a normal Great Being, wanted to create a brand new, advanced species. He made a prototype. But something went wrong. The prototype was given to much intelligence that it rebelled against Makura, mutated him into a beast-like form, and put him in a stasis tube where Makura was trapped in for the next 53 billion years, in suspended animation.

Ids5621 makura 2

Another view of Makura post further transformation

Tehktra Nui

Fifty-three billion years later, after the prototype, who renamed himself the Master, put the Ta-Matoran of his complex spaceship who they think is an island in a status room, he tried to capture an escaping Matoran, he threw a blade towards the Matoran it instead smashed Makura's tube, freeing him from suspended animation. Makura escaped but The Master didn't bother capturing him.

Once Makura went up to the surface of the "island", he went on a rampage and wrecked havoc in the cities. It took the Ko-Matoran Enforcement Squad and two Toa (Imydrex and Ganon) to defeat him. He was brought to the headquarters to be interrogated by Kopek.


  • His intial form was created by Makuta Kaper, and his further transformation form was built by Ids5621.



Makura's stylised rendering

A stylized rendering of Makura

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