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Toa Tanua
Group Fire Tribe (Formerly) Spherus Magna Rebels
Occupation Rebel
Element Fire
Powers None
Kanohi None
Tools Flame Claws, Thornax Launcher
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation MAL-umm

Malum is a Glatorian of the Fire Tribe. He is an exile and leads a pack of Vorox. He is also a member of the Spherus Magna Rebels.


Malum fought in the arena as the secondary Glatorian in service of Raanu's Fire Tribe. During one match, Malum broke a primary rule when he tried to kill Strakk, who had already conceded defeat. As punishment for violating the code of combat, Malum was banished to the Wastelands of Bara Magna. He began wandering the deserts, challenging any Glatorian he chanced upon for his own gain.

Malum eventually became the leader of a pack of Vorox, after he killed its leader.

Three of Malum's pack emerged from the sand and attacked Strakk, Gresh, Tarix, and Berix, Malum signaled for them to retreat in the midst of their battle.

After his banishment, Vulcanus began experiencing daily raids by the Bone Hunters. Desperate for a solution, Raanu entrusted a helpful Agori with seeking out Malum and asking that he return to defend the village. Malum refused, declaring that he would never help the village, but promising that he would figure something out if the Agori gave him some Thornax ammo.

Receiving it, he reluctantly made good on his deal by telling the Agori to make a stew from the Thornax to feed to the Bone Hunters, with the hope that it would placate them. Realizing, however, that the Hunters would not be happy if the stew was made wrong, he intoned that it might be wise to feed it to a Zesk first, then tell them the Bone Hunters had more of it. He suspected the Zesk might get the Vorox to raid their camps to look for more, temporarily relieving Vulcanus of its problems. He subsequently traded with the Agori, receiving Thornax in return for the Rock Salt needed to make the stew.

Malum and his Vorox attacked a Skrall party north of the Skrall River, although they disappeared into the sand during the battle. Malum had the Vorox organize an ambush for a patrol of Skrall, as he anticipated Tuma to send a party after him. The patrol of Skrall, mounted on Rock Steeds, was lured to a cave with telltale signs of recent Vorox activity, and attempted to lure the Vorox out. However, they were instead attacked by the Vorox as Malum emerged from the cave to observe the ambush. The Skrall then fired Thornax at the cave's ceiling, collapsing it and immobilizing Malum, rendering him unconscious. The patrol leader ordered the Vorox to surrender. When the attack ceased, the Skrall placed Malum onto his Rock Steed and the patrol rode towards Roxtus. Malum awoke in Roxtus, and was confronted by Tuma and a Skrall. Tuma informed Malum that he desired the Vorox as allies, and needed Malum's help in gaining their trust. Malum was then forced into an arena with several Vorox. Enraged at the torment they had suffered at the hands of the Skrall, Malum calmed the Sand Tribe warriors, and decieved the Skrall into attempting the same. The Vorox attacked the Skrall when they tried the same trick, giving Malum enough time to escape.

Malum, along with several of his Vorox, visited Gresh while he was practicing for the Great Tournament. The ex-Glatorian warned the Jungle Tribe fighter of an impending attack, but refused to elaborate further and departed

He later was persuaded by Ackar and Gelu to attack a Bone Hunter Camp in order to stall the Bount Hunters and make it longer for them to reach Vulcanus so that they could raid it. He and his pack of Vorox did so, but were forced to retreat eventually, and the remaining Bone Hunters fled the camp, and lost some time, giving Vulcanus more time to prepare for the raid. Later, he went with most of the inhabinants of Bara Magna to Metru Nui, and sided with Teridax in the Battle under Metru Nui, along with his pack of Vorox. He later returned to Bara Magna.

Alternate Universes

Sands of Silence Universe

In the Sands of Silence Universe, Malum joined the Order of Tollubo and attended several meetings. He is currently fighting outside Roxtus, with the other Glatorian members of the Order of Tollubo, in an attempt to distract the Skrall while the Agori sneak into Tuma's Tower.

Xaterex Multiverse

Malum, along with Lariska, Banrax, and a Skrall, were part of Lariska's team that she led to free Flareus. Malum was killed by Brutaka in the battle, before Barax killed Brutaka.

Legends of Bara Magna

Malum briefly appeared to help free Gresh and Kiina from the evil Sahmad, and then joined Ackar and his group of Glatorian in their struggle to defeat the Skrall empire.

Unknown Universal deviation

After the reformation of Spherus Magna, he joined the Spherus Magna Rebels out of anger for the Fire Tribe for exiling him in the first place. He had to abandon his pack of Vorox to join, but he considered it worth it.

Mata Nui Empire Universe

In the Mata Nui Empire Universe, Malum is the leader of a rebellion against Alternate Mata Nui, along with Alternate Tuma.

Malum helps the real Mata Nui defeat Alternate Mata Nui and becomes injured in the process.

Baterra Magna Alternate Universe

Malum continued to live with the Vorox, even after the Baterra took over. In fact, the Baterra made him and the Vorox enforcers of the Baterra's new order. Malum directed the Ignika Retrieval Squad out toward Vulcanus, hoping that they would get killed in the desert night by Bone Hunters or something similar.

Perfect Strangers

In the Perfect Strangers Universe, an alternate version of Malum who was dislocated from his original dimension took up residence in Nexus Nui.

Powers and Abilities

Malum is an experienced fighter from his time in the arena, and is particularly large and strong for a Glatorian.

Personality and Traits

Malum has a manifested lack of honor and has difficulties controlling his temper. Because he lives in the desert with a pack of Vorox, some consider him mad, describing the affliction as "desert fever." Malum can also be a very powerful enemy, as he does not fear death, since he has nothing to live for. He can understand and speak the language of the Sand Tribe, which consists predominately of whistles and hand gestures. He is also very protective of the Vorox, specifically the ones in his tribe. He tends to see more civilized values in them then he does in Agori or Glatorian.


Malum wields a pair of Flame Claws and bears a shoulder-mounted Thornax Launcher.


Strength:12 02

Agility:9 01

Toughness:11 02

Mind:7 01


  • Malum is Greg Farshtey's favorite 2009 character so far.


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