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"The same reason I'm in this desert, to wander the planet doing good to balance out the wrongs of my past"-Toa Mandoch, Toa Imydrex's Blog

A Toa of Magnetism that Toa Imydrex encountered in a desert and soon became his first true friend.

Toa Mandoch
Species Toa
GroupToa Tehktra
Occupation Toa
ToolsDouble long swords
LocationTehktra Nui


Early Life

Close to nothing is known about Mandoch's history due to the fact his keeps it confidential. What we do know is that he was exiled by his people and wants to right the wrongs he has done in his past

Encounter in the desert

He began wandering around the matoran universe and Aqua Magna looking for a purpose and destiny, often to no avail. At one point in his life he ended up on the desert wastelands of Tehktra Nui. He came a across a dehydrated toa, and having a water supply of his own, helped the toa out.He had no means to stick with the toa, just to get him onto his feet and to be swiftly on his way.

After the toa awoke, Mandoch began to make his leave, only to be follow by the toa, who was full of un-answered questions. After a small talk it seemed both toa were in a similar situation and decided to team up.

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Mandoch's Sprite


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Toa Imydrex's Blog

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