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Mask of Invulnerability
Title Mask of Invulnerability
Powers Makes user invulnerable to harm when active
Pronunciation N/A
"You think that we're gonna die together, don't you? Well you're wrong- hopelessly wrong."

The mask of invulnerability was created by the Evil Beings to be used by Bruhodag, one of the Four Evil Ones. It possesses the ability to make the user invulnerable to most forms of physical damage.


The mask of invulnerability can protect the user from physical injury of any form, provided the proper amount of concentration is present. However, the mask can only protect from one form of harm at a time, and that form must be specified by the user. If the user is taken by surprise, or unable to identify what is damaging him, he will remain vulnerable to it as anyone else.

The mask requires a thirty second recharge period between uses, as it draws on the raw strength of the user. Thus prolonged use will tire the user immensely, sometimes to the point of collapse, and in rare cases death. The stronger the user, the longer he can make use of the power. A makuta, for example, would be able to use the mask for longer than a toa, possessing more raw power. Using the mask consistently throughout one's life may also cause permanent weakening.

The mask does not protect against mental, astral, or other non-physical damage.



Bruhodag getting the mask knocked off inQuest for the Four Great Lands

Bruhodag used this mask when the city Gruissiono was destroyed. Despite the total annihilation of the city, Bruhodag survived, having used the mask's power to prevent his incineration.

Sometime later, Bruhodag faced Vahkoro in battle and was defeated. During the fight, the mask was knocked from his face and was discarded as Vahkoro did not recognize its power and value. Bruhodag reclaimed his mask after his eventual escape.




  • Toa consider the mask to be immoral, as it encourages using dishonorable tactics in battle in order to defeat any who wear it. They also see it as an attempt to escape destiny, as death is the ultimate fate of all and the mask is created for the sole purpose of avoiding it.

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