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"It is hard to believe that this mask has the power to change the universes, and destroy them."
Title Mask of Space
Powers Space
Pronunciation N/A

The Kanohi Mask of Space, is one of the most powerful Kanohi in existence.


The Mask of Space contains the power of Space. It allows its user to warp, bend, flip, crush, control all physical aspects within an area. It allows only to manipulate an area, not to defy its laws, so gravity, friction, and many other rules will still apply. The mask's power can't affect people or objects, but it can fold space onto itself making the same object, for example, take up two different places, and is able to create wormholes and paradoxes.

The Mask of Space is one of the most powerful Kanohi in existence, as it is incredibly difficult to fully control. The mask is so powerful that if damaged, it leaks its powers out, meaning that to destroy the mask would destroy the space itself. Losing control of the mask would have the same effect.

It is impossible to create a Great, Noble, or Matoran version of the Mask of Space, as a weaker mask would not be able to contain the power within itself.

The Mask of Space, the Mask of Creation, Vahi, Ignika and Phiki are on the same power level because Space, Time, Creation, and Life/Dead are fundamental forces of the universe.


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