"Don't worry. I have a plan. I've ALWAYS got a plan."

The Mask of Strategy was created when Tapio was separated from the Ketawnki and turned into a Toa. His noble, powerless Matatu transformed into a great Matatu, but with a different power.

Tapio could use the mask to create great, strategic plans. The mask also made him slightly smarter than normal. The mask was lost when Tapio sacrificed his power to destroy Tonga and energy flew through him, making him into a Mega Matoran. The mask transformed into the powerless, noble Matatu again. It later transformed, getting powers again, this time to the Mask of Laser.

Example Usage

Tapio used his mask throughout Return of the Enemies to invent strategies on how to avoid the Fire Matoran and other threats.




  • Tapio's Mask of Strategy isn't the only one existing.

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