Matako is a member of Killer Team.


Pre-Oraka´s School

Before joining into the Oraka´s School, he was member of a strange team. That team consisted of the De-Matoran. Nobody (except Matako) in the team didn´t know the team´s real name. Matako was the best Soldier and Scholar in that team, and somebody told that Matako can be a rogue-Matoran. Matako didn´t know that notion before the real rogue-Matoran, Hog (Hog is really a Matoran of Stone, but that team´s old, old leader said: "You can join into this team, if you are enough a De-Matoran-like, Hog.") told to Matako the De-Matorans´ notion. Other De-Matorans try to kill Hug, but Matako saved him and ask: "It´s stupid to save a Ka-Matoran, but can be my friend?" Later, they joined into the Oraka´s School.

Oraka´s School

At the Oraka´s School, he hated his own idea. He asked to himself all the time: "Why I chose this stupid school? WHY?" Meanwhile, Matako got some friends: Ingra, Zaf, Fungra and Ofar. However, he continued his real work: He likes to be a Scholar, and everybody likes that he solved many things. Oraka doesn´t like him, but he must teach Matako, bacause Matako is his pupil. Matako have very many skills: Scholar, Soldier, Athlete etc.

Killer Team

Coming Soon...

Abilitiets and Traits

File:Matako set.jpg
Matako in action sprite2

Matako in action as a sprite.

Matako loves sport and he is Athlete. He haven´t got any powers or elements, but he is very clever. He is also very quick and arch but he is not very skilful whit his own gun.

Mask and Tools

Matako mask sprite

Matako´s Mask as a sprite.

Matako uses Kanohi Suletu (This Suletu is not organic!) and The Gun.


Strength: 10
Agility: 11
Toughness: 8
Mind: 11

Killer Team
Leader: Fungra
Members: Matako | Ingra | Zaf | Ofar

Oraka´s School
Leader: Oraka
Teachers: Tagra | Inor | Irune | Kon | Moota

Class 5 Pupils: Uf | Fungra | Matako | Ingra | Hog | Zaf | Ofar


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