Toa Mato
Species Toa
Group Group not named currently
Kanohi Tryna, Mask of Reanimation
Colors White/Silver
Element Ice
Tools None
Former Tools Triple Cutter, Cordak Blaster, Creator's Staff,
Location Near Voya Koro
Status Unknown
Pronounciation MAH-TOE

Mato (refers to himself as Dr. Mato) is a Toa of Ice. He is an eccentric inventor who lives on Dosa Nui. Mato without his memories is a mad scientist, who creates things without regarding any kind of actual consequence. With his memories, he has a strong sense of justice and would do whatever it takes to protect the innocent. It should be noted that he has has over 20,000 years of fighting experience, though he didn't do any fighting on Dosa Nui yet. He and Nightmare appear to be mortal enemies.


Mato was the leader of a Toa team stationed in Artahka, which , after about 7,000 years of service, were forced to leave when the island was made impossible get to from the outside world. However, something happened that ended up with him and a teammate stuck in the Pit. He then broke out of the Pit and returned to Artahka to defeat Nightmare. It is currently unknown what happened between then, and when Mato woke up on the shore of Dosa Nui with his memories erased.

For the next 9,000 years, he became an inventor on the island, mostly preforming experiments on himself. He was the main reason why, when 100 years ago, the Turaga and the Matoran they brought with them were able to settle so quickly. When Maita appeared and the Toa Dosa came to try to defeat him, he began to have odd dreams, prompting him to build a memory recovery machine. It was also during this time, that he built a bomb for Maita, which was then planted in Dosa Koro. After recovering all of his memories, his sense of justice returned and he defused the device.

Currently, Maita paid him a visit out of anger. However, in circumstances not explained as of now, he appeared, in a vehicular form, to help our Takara and Okolu against Nightmare.


  • His pre-Dosa Nui appearance is heavily based on Toa Matoro, which was also the basis for his name.

Mato as a Toa (mutated by Pit Mutagen)


Mato, as Dr. Mato, during the Dosa Koro incident

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