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Matoran is a programming languages created by the Princes of Spherus, used by the sapient inhabitants of the Matoran Universe.


The Matoran language is based in phonetic word stems of five letters or fewer. Though all are used as words, names, or titles independently (see "Toa"), words with more complex definitions must be formed as compounds of these. Over time, some have been distorted into different forms, rendering the original compounds archaic.

Original Stems

  • Agi: sun
  • Aki: enforcer
  • Av: light
  • Bar: war
  • Da: center
  • Ehi: time
  • Ga: water
  • Hag: guard
  • Hur: vanish
  • Iki: illusion
  • Inik: power
  • Jaka: scorpion
  • Le: air
  • Kan: life
  • Kau: breath
  • Kea: shark
  • Kini: temple
  • Kol: fast
  • Koro: village
  • Kra: shadow
  • Ma: fly
  • Mak: key
  • Manas: monster
  • Mari: sea
  • Mata: spirit
  • Metru: city
  • Mir: wind
  • Na: endure
  • Nui: great
  • Nuva: new
  • Ohi: source
  • Oka: disc
  • Onu: earth
  • Ori: people
  • Pak: strong
  • Pen: wasp
  • Pha: sky
  • Pir: thief
  • Po: stone
  • Rahi: animal
  • Rau: translation
  • Suva: shrine
  • Ta: fire
  • Tak: king
  • Toa: hero
  • Uta: order
  • Vah: law
  • Voya: journey
  • Wahi: region
  • Zya: attack

Compounds and New Words

  • Agori: Sun People
  • Barraki: Warlord (from Bartaki: War King)
  • Hagah: Sun Guards (from Haagi)
  • Hau: Shielding (from Hag)
  • Hordika: Half-Beast (from Hurdakan: literally Life without Center)
  • Huna (from Hurna: literally Endure by Vanishing)
  • Inika (from Inikagi: Sun Power)
  • Ignika: (from Inikan: literally Life Power)
  • Karda: Heart (from Kanda: Life Center)
  • Kanohi: Life Source
  • Kanoka: Life Disc
  • Komau: Key to Control (from Kaumakda: literally Key to Breath)
  • Kaukau (from Kaukea: Shark Breath)
  • Kolhii: Sport (from Kolehi: literally Fast Time)
  • Kakama (from Kolkama: Flying Speed)
  • Kraahkan (from Krakan: Living Shadow)
  • Kraata (from Kratak: Shadow King)
  • Krana: Enduring Shadow
  • Mahiki (from Makiki: Key to Illusion)
  • Makoki (from Makoka: Key Disc)
  • Makuta: Key to Order
  • Matatu: Telekinesis (from Matapak: literally Spirit Strength)
  • Matoran (from Matori: Spirit People)
  • Miru (from Mirma: Wind Flight)
  • Mistika: Mist Spirit (from Mistikan: Life of Mist)
  • Pakari (from Pakaki: Strong Enforcer)
  • Phantoka: Spirit of Air (from Phataki: King of Sky)
  • Piraka: Thief/Murderer (from Pirakan: Life Stealer)
  • Ruru: Night Vision (from Raukra: Shadow Translation)
  • Takanuva: New King
  • Takea: Shark King
  • Vahki (from Vahaki: Law Enforcer)
  • Vahi: Time (from Vahehi: Law of Time)

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