"Matoran Hordika's Army" is not an official name
It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but without an official basis.

The Shadowed One
Matoran Hordika's Army
Headquarters Bio-Land
Leader Matoran Hordika
Goal Protect Bio-Land
Status Disbanded
Allies N/A
Enemies Monster Army

Matoran Hordika's Army was the former army of Bio-Land, led by Matoran Hordika. The army was huge; it had a large number of Matoran and trained Rahi in it. They had many victories in their attempts to protect the island.

Their last battle was with the Monster Army. The monsters were bigger and stronger than they, but Matoran Hordika's Army won with strategy. But while retreating, the leader of the monster army mutated Matoran Hordika into a beast. She was partially cured by Keetongu, but the claws couldn't be removed. As Bio-Land no longer had a threat to unite them, the army slowly splintered apart, most of the soldiers going into the newly built Shoe Village. Matoran Hordika went into the Kowa Mountains.

Known Members

Matoran Hordika's Army
Past Members
Kauhkahu  • Pakri  • Mataiti  • Matoran Hordika
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