Headquartes/Base The Cordak Desert Fortress
Leader(s) Reyru (formerly); Tamari (formerly)
Status inactive
Goal Keep the Crumaki from getting the Av- and Fe-Matoran of Cahlra Nui
Allies Toa Avohkii; Toa Wahrua
Enemies Crumaki

The Matoran Resistance Against the Crumaki (MRAC) was a group of Matoran created solely to keep the Crumaki from killing the Av-Matoran Iymouvu, Daruka, and Nikkau, as well as the Fe-Matoran Tamari and Feyeh.

They built a fortress in the Cordak Desert to be their base. Each Ruku had its own mini-base. These are currently abandoned and out of use.


Members of the MRAC that later became the Toa Avohkii.

Crumaki War I

During the First Crumaki War, Riru was the leader of the MRAC. The Crumaki were defeated and the targetted Matoran were safe.

Soon after the war, Iymouvu had a collision with the Kanohi Avohkii, causing an explosion of light-energy that transformed the seven nearby Matoran into the Toa Avohkii, all of which were members of the MRAC.

Crumaki War II

Since Reyru had become a Toa since the war before, Tamari was voted the next leader of the MRAC.

Makuta Cortrivu had refined the Crumaki species, creating the Crumaki-Kal and the Crumaki-Ivu. These were a lot harder to fight, and the Matoran were losing badly. Just in case Cahlra Nui was destroyed by the Crumaki, the Turaga appointed six Matoran to find a place to live. The Matoran discovered the Ruku Isles, and became the Toa Wahrua when they encountered some energized Acrodermis on a beach there. The six new Toa returned and defeated the Crumaki for the Matoran.

Members and Divisions

Medical Division


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