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Matoran Vehicular Transport
User(s) KMES, Red Dragons, Tehktranuian public
Functionality Flight, Leviation, transport
Status Functional
(MVT) They are essentially the cars of Tehktra nui. They hover and can achieve great speeds. They are sometimes armed with midaks for protection.



MVT's flight systems


They are produced at Agrav by Vehicular

There are three models currently being produced: the larger 5 series, the slightly smaller 3 series and the very small series 1.

Picture Series Description
MVT 5 The largest and most expensive type of MVT
Bionicle1 764 3 A mid-sized MVT
P1010562 1 The smallest and cheapest MVT

KMES models

These are models produced by Vehicular for the organisation KMES. They are not commercially available

Picture Series Description
KMES cruiser The KMES cruiser An extremely fast, small and manoeuvrable vehicle. It has a two person capacity, a driver upfront and a prisoner in the hold at the rear. It is used for quick arrest, fast chases and often for escorting vehicles belonging to VIPs such as the Tehktra Nui Elite.


MVT midaks
Front MVT
The Cruiser's Midaks The rear of the vehicle as well as some of its flight systems Means of communication with KMES headquarters The holding cell at the rear of the vehicle The reinforced front designed for ramming An aerial view of the cruiser


  • The MVT was invented by Ids5621 and the blue 5 series model, The KMES Cruiser and red/white series 1 model were created by Ids5621 whilst the yellow 3 series model was created by Makuta Kaper
  • KMES cruisers are not commercially available


MVT Gallery

MVT sunroof (Aliki and Jessaco inside) Mounted MVT midak MVT's flight systems Pakera and her series one MVT Series one mounted midak A series 1 MVT's flight systems
Bionicle1 764
Bionicle1 765
Bionicle1 766
Red dragons
Pakera riding her MVT Leresh riding his 3 series MVT Series 3 MVT Midak Skyblasters Series 3 MVT flight systems A size comparison between a series 5 and 1 MVT Some Red Dragons stolen and customized MVTs

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