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"As Matoran and Agori built their city, Sphera Nui, they also bred, and formed their sub-species, the Matori."
―Narration [src]
Element Various
Powers N/A
Tools Various
Status In Existence
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation mah-TOO-ri

Matori is a subspecies of Matoran and Agori. They don't much have very notable visual differences; however, they are different in powers, mask, and ways of reproduction, eating and foods, and in behavior and nature.


After the great Reformation, Matoran and Agori lived in the same place, causing them to eventually breed, and create a new subspecies breed, named Matori.

To be continued...


  • Matori Kanohi and chest-plate are always either silver, gold, or blue, depending on their base element. As an example, Av-Matori have gold Kanohi and chest-plate, and Ta-Matori have blue Kanohi and chest-plate.
  • Matori can have more than one element involved in them. However, they always have base element if so. A Matori cannot have opposite elements, however, they more likely have near elements; as an example, an Onu-Matori cannot have Air element in his body, but more likely have stone.
  • Matori are slightly taller.


  • The word "Matori" comes from putting "Mat" from "Matoran" instead of "Ag" in "Agori".
  • Matori are smarter than both their parent species.

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