Matuki is a Toa of water, and a former Ga- matoran. She takes her role as a toa seriously, and as no clue that Toa Lehoka has a crush on her.

Matoran life

As a matoran, Matuki was an artist. She did her best to create the best pictures, with emphasis on her art. This kind of dedication led the turaga to give her a toa stone, knowing she'd be the perfect toa of water. On her way to the temple, Chaos' minions attacked her, but she held her own long enough to reach the great temple and insert her toa stone. She was then transformed forevermore!

Matuki as a Toa Rokatui.

Toa Rokatui

As a toa, Matuki took her role very seriously. She often quotes the turaga to remind the others of their misson, with mixed results so far.

Matuki was armed with claws that could grasp onto virtuially any surface. She also had incredible agility that enabled her to shoot from cliff to cliff, therefore making her a force to be reckoned with. Her control over water was limited, but powerful.

After facing and defeating Chaos, the toa were transformed...

Matuki as a Toa Skudsuji.

Toa Skudsuji

As a Toa skusuji, Matuki's control over water was enhanced, along with her leg strength. Her claws were replaced with twin hydro- axes that could double up as fins.

After some Great conflicts , the toa were assigned a new misson- Find Xedas- nui!

Matuki as a Toa Xedas.

Toa Xedas

After arriving and entering the Temple of fate, the toa feasted their eyes on the most high- tech armor they had ever seen. Suiting up, they became the Toa Xedas!

Matuki's new wepons and powers include a stealthier body, new spinning proto- blades, and the ability to translate and speak in multiple languages.

The toa faced and defeated Chaos again. Or did they?...


After coming home and discovering the island covered in visorak webs, the toa were captured. Matuki held her own for awhile, but eventually lost to the hideous spider beasts and was mutated.

Ironically, Matuki was the most horrified with her transformation. She fought the hordes of angry visorak to purge herself of the venom, and later the rest of the island.

She soon disovered that the fight would go up to the stars. Armoring up, she and the other toa launched off into space...


Matuki is the most focused of the Toa Rokatui, and what Koname considers "the human library." She takes her role as a toa very seriously, but still jokes around with the toa of stone. She works well with Okatu, as they are both intellectuals of the team.

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