Mega Matoran
Powers Varies
Location(s) Nowhere currently
Status One Mega Matoran Exists,Jumper

Tapio's Mega Matoran form

Mega Matoran are normal Matoran who have been exposed to flowing energy. This creates Mega Matoran, who are a little more powerful than average Matoran and usually has a mask power.

Only known Mega Matoran were Henkka and Tapio. When they defeated Tonga, his energy passed through them, making them Mega Matoran. The reason why Aino wasn't changed into one, even though she was there, was that the energy created her a powerful tool, Aino's Jet-Pack. Also, Jumper was a Mega matoran that teleported and controls Time and Speed

One mega matoran will exist in Canada Land, though. His name is Anhaj, a twisted matoran that was fused with the Amulet of Jahna Nui and turned mortal. He now has armor, a new kanohi, and a large arsenal of weapons.

Known Mega Matoran


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