"Battles aren't won by brute force, but by strategy as well. Trust me. I've made the mistakes."
―Mep to Korthed when they were discussing how to corner a criminal.
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GroupHaven Warriors, The Gray Men
Colorsbrown, yellow, gray
OccupationBounty Hunter
ToolsEnergized Laser Axe, curved sword, Cordak Blaster
LocationBara Magna

Early Life

Early back in the history of the Order of Mata Nui, there was an Order member named Schumep, or "Mep". He was a very successful captain until a mission to destroy a small Makuta base on a remote island ended with the entire island exploding and Mep's team getting killed. The Makuta of that island, Skratix, escaped and for a long time Mep pursued him until he met a young Nynrah ghost named "Chief". "Chief's assistant, a powerful being named Korthed, asked Mep if he was interested in being a bounty hunter and the two of them formed a lethal duo, hunting down criminals for anyone who would pay.

The Haven

Mep and Korthed eventually had surrounded themselves with a band of bounty hunters and outlaws. Mep created a base near the island where the explosion had happened years back. They called it "The Haven" and soon it attracted many outsiders to civilation and strange beings. Mep called them "Haven Warriors" and along with Korthed he trained them into an army. Mep may have done this as competition to the Order of Mata Nui and the Dark Hunters, but he became a powerful warlord.

Bara Magna

Mep and his chief advisor, Korthed, discovered a strange craft that had crashed near The Haven. They boarded it with a squad of Haven Warriors and suddenly the craft flew off out of the ocean and crash landed on Bara Magna. Mep and the Haven Warriors are currently at war with the Bone Hunters.


-curved sword -Energized Laser Axe -Cordak blaster


Mep has the ability to conjure small energy balls and throw them. This comes in handy as a distraction for less intelligent enemies.


Strength: 14
Agility: 11
Toughness: 14
Mind: 16


Mep has a quiet strength so that when he does speak, everyone listens. Mep is older than his partner Korthed, and so is kind of like a father to him. In battle, Mep carries himself in the same calm demeanor as he always does, which gives him a special lethality.


-Helryx, the head of the Order of Mata Nui, still does not know that Mep is still alive. -Mep and Korthed are members of a hot new band, The Gray Men

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