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Toa Form
Group Toa Filin
Element Air-Light
Tools Twin Airblades
Status Alive
Location Linna Nui
Pronunciation Mee-koh

Miko was the Toa Filin of Air-Light.



Miko was once an Av-Matoran on Linna Nui. When the Dragon Makuta attacked the island, Miko, Hiiah, Antin, Olwi, Rwalis, and Saenti fought against them. During the battle, they were suddenly teleported to a great hall where the angel Jwi transformed them into Toa. Miko's element changed to Air-Light in the process.


As a Toa, Miko went with the others over the Endless Ocean to Magi Nui, where they found the legendary Seventh Council of the Magi. There they recieved the Staff of Unlimited Powers and went back to Linna Nui, where they fought the Dragon Makuta and blinded them with the Staff. Botar then came and took them to The Pit, but Dentarius escaped.

Later, when Matoran from Metru Nui start to move into Linna Nui, the Toa Filin sensed that some evil was rising again, and knew that this quest was not for them. They then gave their powers to Macku, Gami, Kani, Zilu, Kopeke and Wimou. Miko gave his to Kani, who became the Toa Libris of Air.


As a Turaga, Miko and the others led the islanders of Linna Nui. They are now living happily there.

Abilities and Traits

Miko was always kind, but he never knew how to think. He rushed into action and created trouble most of the time, and he had the courage and responsibility to face the problems he made.


Miko wore the Kanohi Hau, the Mask of Shielding. He could control the powers of Light and Air easily when his element changed, and he held two Airblades as a Toa.

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