Monster Army War
Conflict Prehistory of Bio-Land
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Location Bio-Land
Outcome Monster Army loses, Matoran Hordika's Army prevails
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  • Hundreds of Matoran
  • Hundreds of Monsters
Previous First Battle for Gruissiono
Next The Battle of Potato Robbers


Matoran Hordika's Army

Monster Army

  • Conquer Bio-Land


The war started when Monster Army attacked in Bio-Land by surprise, trying to conquer it. They easily got the west but the Matoran Hordika's Army came from east. The two armies met in the middle. The war lasted for a few months. In the end, the Matoran Hordika's Army won, when the Monster Army had to surrender. But while retreating, the Leader of the Monster Army quickly used his mutating powers on Matoran Hordika, who became a wild beast. The Monster Army escaped. The war had ended.


The Monster Army disappeared, never to return to Bio-Land. Matoran Hordika was taken to Keetongu, who used his healing powers. It was enough to turn Matoran Hordika's mind and many fysical features back to normal. Only her claws stayed. Keetongu couldn't get them off. The army also quit and most of the members went to the newly built Shoe Village.

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