Powers Enhanced Speed, Strength, Agility; Silence; Shoot/Create Shadow
Location Red Star
Leader A unknown Great Being
Status Currently allies with Brotherhood of Makuta

The Morex are a species specfically created for being spies and theives.


Coming Soon

Abilities and Traits

The Morex powers include enhanced agility, enhanced speed, enhanced strength, disable someone's ability to speak or hear temporarily, create/shoot shadow, and invisiblity.

Morex do not speak much. They can be clever, intelligent, and calm at times of stress or in sticky situations.

Known Morex

Stern Leute
Zilax  • Pek  • Hylix  • Gywlak  • Twina  • Mila  • Vela  • Velad  • Kalu  • Morex  • Lomik  • Ealth  • Haleet  • Mraki  

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