Neutral FlagThe Mount Valmai Expedition
Valmai Expedition
Voya-toran Expedition Faction
Headquarters Shrieking Fjord, Bara Magna (Near Tajun Village)
Leader(s) High Commander Balta, Toa Axonn
Status Active; Exploring Bara Magna
Goal Help rally the Glatorian and Matoran together to one day recover Mata Nui and defeat Teridax.
Allies Voya Nui(primary ally),Order of Mata Nui, Order of the Great Creators, Bara Magna Four Great Brothers(deceased)
Enemies Makuta, Scourge, Makutan Minions, Ravage (Faction), Bone Hunters, Skrall


Voya Nui, now home to several thousands of matoran, many refugees of the now-destroyed Mahri-Nui, toiled in reconstruction labor. Lava farmers worked hard in the hot night, with Balta watching over them. The lava farmers had not originally farmed this; in the beginning the Piraka enslaved them for the work- but now the joy of the hard work was great- and the resources of lava helped other islands and funded their reconstruction. Just then a shooting star shot through the sky. Balta thought it couldn't of been- it was shooting upwards, and the stars never move. He dashed uickly across Voya Nui and then took a Gukko Flight down to the Seer's Tower, hoping he could beat the speed of the object. He landed and ordered the seer's to examine it. They pondered till it fell out of sight and predicted.
"It will possibly land in another universe. We know where it will land. Please let us take an expedition of maybe a third of Voya Nui's population through a portal we can make there." The seer pleaded.
Balta approved the project, and became High Commander over Voya Nui and the expedition. They thought it would land in what would be Shrieking Fjord, Bara Magna, but it ended up to be the opposite side in Creep Canyon. But they were unaware. So they traveled through what is now the Light Portal, and built the Mount Valmai Expedition of Bara Magna.


The Mount Valmai Expedition is a Voya Nui Faction researching in Bara Magna for the Mask of Life, unaware that it ended up in Creep Canyon and that it was the exiled Mata Nui himself. They are based in Shrieking Fjord, a haunted region of land between the Sea of Liquid Sand and Tajun Village/Sandray Canyon. The area itself is dark and creepy, but the fort of the Expedition is bright and sunny, and it seems ironic. The Expedition has become great allies with Tajun and Tesara, and providing supplies and foreign-to-Bara-Magna warriors to fight in the arena, mainly Arena Magna translated as Great Arena in the Bara Magnan tongue. Mount Valmai Expedition is at a secret war with Tuma and his Skrall(ian) minions, seeing who will prevail over successfully control/help hold Bara Magna in place. But with the war only as minor hate skirmishes, the Expedition is researching the terrain for one day a huge matoran colonization to escape Teridax.


Even the Valmai Expedition needs Gukko Flights. Imported Gukkos and can fly people anywhere across the towns and arenas of Bara Magna, except Roxtus, since the Expedition is hostile with the Skrall. There is also an inter-dimensional Kanohi Dragon flight to Rhilosvar, Alzanaar. The Light Portal in the Valmai Expedition also takes people to Voya Nui, for daily supplies and matoran wanting to go home or escape Teridax' grip.


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