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GroupRogue Phantoms
KanohiMask of Elemental energy
ColorsBlack, Silver, Grey, with white
OccupationRogue Phantoms
ToolsA Staff, of a spear, or a lance, whatever
PronunciationYou can read it, can't you?

I am Mukata, a Toa from another dimension, or, my universe.

I control the power of darkness, and wore a Kanohi mask of elemental energy that shaped like a Kraahkan. I am the last Toa of shadows in my universe, as the rest have been wiped out by the other Toa. Since the Makuta rebelled, the power to control darkness is considered immoral, and I was forced to migrate by a Makuta with a Makoki stone that leads to this place, your world.

During my transportation, a strong light blinded me temporarly. As my sight returned, I discovered a terrible fact—part of my shadow powers are replaced by light.


Becoming a Toa

Here I would share a little bit of my history. In my universe, shadow Matoran were a common sight and had little affiliation with evil prior to the rebellion of the Makuta race. I was one lucky Matoran that is destinied to be a Toa. As a Makuta gave me a Toa stone, I agreed to assist him on his experiments, but as an assistant instead of a slave.

The quest

Upon learning the Makuta species are planning to conqure the universe, I fled. Not out of panic, but I knew once the Makuta succeded, I won't be alive.But a rogue Makuta agreed to escort me away, to find Makoki stones, fight guardians, and collect weapons. I made lots of allies along the way, and formed an alliance—the Rogue Phantoms.

After I've collected all seven Makoki stone pieces, the Makuta that helped me(I never knew his name)activated the stones. That's when the bright light exploded, and my company and I was teleported here.We found our place here, on a unnamed island. Here, my friends and I started to carve out a world of our own, with our uniqe power of darkness.

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