"A weird fellow..."
Aino's first impression on Nahi.
GroupHenkka's Band (Formerly), Balta's Samurai School (Briefly)
KanohiOrange Huna
ColorsRed, Yellow
StatusAlive and sleeping

Nahi sitting in comic form.

Nahi is a Matoran who had trouble standing and walking.


Not much of Nahi's past is known. He was a part of Henkka's Band, but only slept. Nahi was too lazy to stand or walk for a long period of time. He always sleeps, and when he doesn't do that, he yawns and sits. It is unknown what happened to Nahi after Henkka's Band was broken. He just appeared again in Comic Land.

Nahi was a character in Toatapio Nuva's Comics. He, however, saved all the Matoran of the Four Great Lands by turning a switch. When the teleported Matoran were first saved, Nahi just fell off the platform because he was sleeping. Then they were closed again and the Matoran were teleported again. Nahi woke up and saved them, since he was outside the capsules. Brilliant, eh?


Nahi in the movie.

After this, he fell asleep again and was brought to Tapio and his crew. When they moved back to Bio-Land, they took Nahi with them and he lived in Tapio's House with Tapio, Aino and Matoran Hordika.

Morphy amd Ziggo came, not so long ago, to find Nahi and kill him for all the trouble they got from him. Aino defeated them before they could find Nahi and the two were taken away. It's unknown what happened to him after The Rising of Mata Nui.


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