Naria Magna
Naria Magna
Primary ResidentsMatoran, Agori, Toa, Glatorian
Former ResidentsMatoran Discovers, Unknown
LocationBeside Spherus Magna

Naria Magna is a aquatic whose life were destroyed by the Great Cataclysm.


Naria Magna is a planet full of water. It has been life on the planet but it were destroyed by the Great Cataclysm. Matoran have discovered the planet and has seen that it's possible to give the planet life again. The Matoran Discovers are currently built a new universe for Matoran in Naria Magna together with the Great Beings, the great spirit Mahri Nui. Now he is controlling both the planet and the entire universe of Agori and Matoran.


  • Like the other planets Naria Magna is in the Bionicle System.
  • It can probably have lived Skrall & Skakdi on the planet.
  • Naria Magna is bigger than all planets except Spherus Magna.
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