The Narotam are the villagers and main residents of the Elcinoib universe. They have been through many adventures, and many mistakes and accidents to get here. They are the most numerous species in the entire Elcinoib known universe. There are 6 groups of them.

The 6 Groups

Ta-Narotam: These types are the guys that are occassionaly stubborn,but love to defend Atam Nui. They were the ones who set up the Atam Nui National Guard.

Ga-Narotam: The only female narotam, they are very friendly and honest. They craft many boats to get around Atam Nui and to deliver cargo to other locations.

Le-Narotam: These narotam are usually always up in the trees, they're naturally favorite place to be. They protect the skies with their Gukko Bird Force that are allied with the Atam Nui National Guard.

Ko-Narotam: These are quiet and wise narotam that always are trying to predict the future. They know great things and alot of it! The other types of narotam don't understand they're quiet ways.

Po-Narotam: The most athletic villagers, they invented the many different types of sporst out there. The are hard as rocks and can handle heavy beatings. They view life as a giant sport to win!

Onu-Narotam: The most friendly and polite of the villagers, some are great inventors while others mine in the Atam Nui Mines. They export their goods arounf the island.

List of Known Narotam


Rellaj - Captain of the Atam Nui Guard.

Aukat - The Atam Nui Chronicler.

Arupak - Are very adventurous Ta-Narotam.


Ukam - She likes to adventure and build quality boats.

Ilhah - Most don't understand her ways.

Utok - One of Ilhah's close friends, she enjoys sports.


Ugnok - Captain of the Gukko Force.

Uremat - A very good musician of Le-Atam.


Orotam - He likes to record, but mostly hunt wild Rahi.

Ekepok - His name is very close to toa Akapok's.


Iikweh - The best Kohlii player on the island, many say.

Ufah - Another good Kohlii player, friends to many.


Urapun - A very good inventor who also ejoys nature.

Onepu - He instructs the miners and makes maps.

Utaip - Sometimes nicknamed the Tamer of Beasts.


  • Pretty much all the Narotam names are versions of the canon Bioncile Matoran names.
  • Different narotam are good at different tasks.

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