Group Holy Matoran
Kanohi Pakari
Colors Blac, White
Occupation Miner
Tools Pickaxe
Group Holy Toa
Kanohi Mask of Stillkeeping
Colors Black, White
Element Smoke
Tools Shattering Staff
Location Monster Army's Base
Status Alive
Pronounciation NEY-who

Newhu is a Holy Toa member


Newhu was once a Holy Matoran, living in Henkka Island.


He was recently turned into a Holy Toa and sent for a mission by Henkka to retrieve the Symbol of Mata Nui from the Monster Army. The Toa first had to go through the Monster Barrier. The journey was hard as the ship was about to rip in pieces there but thanks to Nowah, they made it.

On the other side, they were attacked by Jahkdal, a guardian monster. And if that didn't cause enough troubles, a Giant Fish decided to attack as well. It leaped from the water and was about to crush the ship when Newhu discovered his Mask power, Stillkeeping. He held the fish in the air as the ship went from under it and then released it again. Newhu then used his mask again to hold the Jahkdal in place while Nowah turned him to wood.

Currently Newhu and the other Holy Toaare sailing towards the Monster Army's Base.Once on the shore,Jinu zoomed up to see what was to expect.The Toa decided to split up in order to find the headquarters faster Newhu decided to go with Taum and ventured down into the city sewers where they were attacked by a small monster who had erupted from a pile of junk.The toa started to run randomly all over the sewers eventually coming to dead end.newhu then discovered his tools function and smashed the wall then Taum discovered his mask power and used it to choose the right wAy to the symbol of mata nui.

Abilities and Traits

Newhu is quite humoristic and acts fast when necessary. He also cares for his friends a lot.

Mask and Tools

Newhu's mask power is stillkeeping, which he can use to hold beings or objects in place.

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