Nexensis Alliance
Nexensis Alliance Information
Species AffliationMakuta
AlliesBrotherhood of Makuta (formerly)
EnemiesTeridax (formerly)
LeaderVitiosus (formerly), Viridis
GoalKeep the Makuta species from extinction, create an empire

The Nexensis is a team of elite Makuta founded by Vitiosus five years after the Great Cataclysm. They had an airship called "The Black Soul", which was piloted and kept in good condition by Nivius, but they couldn't get it to Karda Nui, so they left it concealed under Metru Nui, where it was later destroyed.




Former members:

  • Vamprah (deceased)
  • Gorast (deceased)
  • Chirox (deceased)
  • Bitil - former deputy (deceased)
  • Krika (deceased)
  • Antroz (deceased)
  • Mutran (deceased)
  • Icarax (deceased)
  • Vitiosus- Leader and founder, deceased
  • Nivius
  • Rutilus
  • Atra
Nexensis (v|e)

Leader/founder: Vitiosus (founder, deceased)  • Viridis

Members: Crocinus (deputy)  • Astoria  • Atrox  • Reyuanii  • Irinax  • Sangrinus  • Saurakai  • Chajon

Former members: Icarax  • Antroz  • Krika  • Bitil  • Vamprah  • Chirox  • Gorast  • Mutran  • Atra  •Nivius  • Rutilus (all deceased)

Servants: Destrus  • Cutl  • Rahkshi  • Nexensian Templar Order

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