Krakua told Jerbraz and Niaxon that if they use Helryx, they could use her water power to swim to Stelt, with the help of Botar aswell. "Sounds good," Niaxon mumbled quietly. "But what happens if were attacked by underwater Rahi or Tarakava?"

"Then we fight!" Krakua protested rather loudly.

The three Toa swam across the endless ocean, with Botar and Helryx, waiting for a clue or sign about Stelt, looking for the island over the horizon.

Eventually, they came to the Toa Hagah base, and asked politely if they could go under the underground areas of the place, where Makuta Teridax would usually hide. A dark and spooky voice filled the strange area. "Must I destroy you, Toa?" It whispered with laughter.

Suddenly, Antroz came zooming out of the shadows, on a strange and weird looking vehicle. "Prepare to meet the Jetrax T6!!!" He said to the five heroes, watching them angrily.

The vehicle shot two lasers at Helryx, who repelled them easily with her Aqua Blade and Protosteel Shield. "Seems you have developed new skills since we last met, Helryx, eh?" Antroz chuckled. Helryx did not reply.

Suddenly, a yellow and red figure came charging out of the mist. "It's Miserix!!!" Jerbraz screamed. "Except he's evil!!"

"I was always evil!!!!" Miserix replied.

To be continued...In Niaxon Tales 3.

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